1893 January

7th  Mike Kelly will appear on stage in blackface this week in Boston.

9th  In Boston, former ML pitcher Jack Cattanach defeats heavily favored Jimmy Doherty in a boxing match at the Metropole. The 30-year-old pitched briefly in 1884, compiling a 1-1 record for St. Louis (UA).

12th  NL owners, led by Pittsburgh’s A. C. Buckenberger, form the National Cycling Association. They hope to build bicycle tracks in at least 8 of the 12 NL parks.

14th  The Cuban Giants, perhaps the nation’s best black baseball team, announce their desire to join the proposed Middle States League. Their application is rejected.

25th  Cincinnati business manager F. C. Bancroft reminisces about “the time when police had to escort the umpire to the depot, and when cannons were fired when a game was won. That’s the sort of baseball you want.”

28th  It is announced that Bancroft is spending the remainder of the off-season serving as the manager of Linda Gardner’s Mastodon Minstrels.

The New York Clipper states that “an attempt will be made to change the rules so as to compel outfielders to discard gloves.”