1897 January

5th  First baseman Jim Rogers accepts the position of manager of the Louisville Colonels for 1897. He replaces Bill McGunnigle.

7th  Harry Pulliam is elected president of the Louisville Colonels and voted $10,000 to strengthen the cellar dwellers Directors also announce incentive cash prizes for players: $1000 of they finish 7th, $2000 if they rise to 6th.

12th  John J. Pappalau, the crack pitcher of the Holy Cross nine, announces he is leaving college to join the Cleveland team.

18th  The Grand Rapids, Michigan team is dropping the nickname “Gold Bugs” and will henceforth be known as the “Bobolinks.” Headline writers will abbreviate this to the “Bobs.” Other felicitous nicknames this season are the Cairo (IL) Egyptians, Columbus (OH) Discoverers, and Wilkes-Barre (PA) Coal Barons.

21st  James J. Corbett, Heavyweight champion of the world, says that if he beats Bob Fitzsimmons in his upcoming bout that he will buy a NL franchise. Corbett gets knocked out on March 17.

30th  Manager Lamar announces the lineup of the Cuban X-Giants for 1897 as: Clarence Williams, C; William Selden, John Nelson and George Stovey, pitchers; Ray Wilson, Sol White, Grant Johnson and Andy Jackson, infield; J.W. Patterson, William Jackson, and George Taylor, outfielders. This team will finish 1897 with 117 wins, 31 losses and 4 ties, the greatest black team in the country.