1932 January

4th  The Depression deepens, and AL costs are cut by dropping an umpire from the AL staff of 11.

Casey Stengel returns from exile in the minor leagues to become coach for the Dodgers.

11th  Bill Terry sends his contract back to the Giants, telling writers he is “thoroughly disgusted.” Terry, who just missed the NL batting title, was offered a $9,000 cut from his 1931 contract of $22,500. The Giants counter by saying that the combined salaries of Hafey and Bottomley, the 2 Cardinals who finished ahead of Terry in hitting, is only $24,000.

14th  Babe Ruth rejects a Yankee offer of $70,000, as the major leagues vow to cut salaries by $1 million.

23rd  The Dodgers acquire Hack Wilson from the Cardinals, which had acquired him in December. The 1930 home run king of the NL costs only $45,000 and a minor league pitcher, and he will sign for $16,500, half his previous year’s salary.

26th  William K. Wrigley, 70-years-old, majority owner of the Cubs since 1919, dies and is buried on Catalina Island. His only son, Philip K. Wrigley, inherits the Cubs and the minor league Los Angeles Angels, but will leave most of the daily operations to president William Veeck.