1949 January

12th The Giants are fined $2,000, and manager Leo Durocher $500, for signing Fred Fitzsimmons as a coach while he was still under contract to the Braves. Fitz gets a $500 fine and a 30-day spring training suspension.

25th Lou Boudreau is rewarded for the Indians’ championship with a 2-year, $65,000 annual contract as player-manager.

27th Fred Saigh buys out the interest of Robert Hannegan and now controls 90 percent of the Cardinals’ stock. Saigh and Hannegan had swung the deal in 1947 with only $60,300 in cash in a $4 million deal. Hannegan came out with $866,000 profit in 2 years.

28th The Giants sign their first black players, Negro Leaguers Monte Irvin and P Ford Smith. They are assigned to Jersey City. Irvin will star for the Giants but Smith never makes the major leagues.

29th The Pirates get Murry Dickson from St. Louis for $125,000.