1950 January

6th  Charlie “Jolly Cholly” Grimm resigns as vice president of the Cubs to sign a 3-year contract, for a record $90,000, to manage Dallas (Texas League). Grimm comments, “These hands were never intended to carry a brief case.”

10th  The Cleveland Indians fire coach George C. “Good Kid” Susce when his son, George D., signs with the Red Sox.

23rd  Ignoring the fact that the century is only half way along, the Associated Press picks the “Miracle Braves” of 1914 as the greatest sports upset in the 20th century.

24th Jackie Robinson signs a contract for $35,000, reportedly making him the highest paid Brooklyn player in history.

31st  The Pirates sign high school pitcher Paul Pettit for a record $100,000 after buying his contract from film producer Frederick Stephani, who had signed him to an exclusive agreement as an athlete/actor (scouts are barred from doing so prior to graduation under major league baseball’s “high-school rule”). Stephani retains the acting representation. Unfortunately, with an eventual 1-2 career ML mark, Pettit will prove not to be worth the trouble.