1956 January

6th  A federal court bars former Little League Commissioner Carl Stotz from forming a rival group. He initiated the suit because he felt the league had grown too big, and that increasing team rosters to 15 players was preventing less able players from getting any real playing time.

The Boston Red Sox sell their Louisville farm club to a Cuban cartel led by Havana businessman Edward F. Wheeler.

18th  The Reds release veteran Sam Mele, who will sign with the Indians for a year.

19th  The City of Hoboken dedicates a plaque honoring the achievements of Alexander Cartwright in organizing early baseball at Elysian Field in the New Jersey city.

27th  The New York Giants football team of the NFL switches its home games to Yankee Stadium, leading to speculation that the baseball team will soon vacate the Polo Grounds as well.

31st The Reds send Jackie Collum to the Cards for pitchers Brooks Lawrence and Sonny Senerchia. Lawrence, who finished the year at 5–1 after spending time in the minors, will open the 1956 season with 13 straight victories.