1869 July

1st The victorious Red Stockings reach Cincinnati after the tour through the East, and are met at the depot with a brass band and driven to a reception at the Gibson House. In the afternoon they go to the ball park where they are presented with a huge bat made of ash, 27 feet in length and weighing over 1,000 pounds. It is a gift from the Cincinnati Lumber Company.

3rd With the series tied at one apiece, the Eckfords and the Mutuals meet at the Union Grounds. With the Mutual backers confident of the outcome, only 3,000 fans are on hand. The betting is 10-3 in favor of the Mutuals, and very few place bets even at those odds. But Eckford scores 8 in the 2ndand 15 in the 5th, while “Phonney” Martin holds the Mutuals to 5 runs on 10 hits. The Eckfords win easily, 31–5, and are now considered the Champions of 1869. They’ll remain that way until some team defeats them in a home and home series.

5th The largest score on record in a game between professional nines marks the game between the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Athletics of Philadelphia, won by the former, 51 to 48. Fifteen thousand spectators are present. The Atlantics make six home runs and the Athletics 3.

19th The Olympic Club of Washington, on their way home after a 3-week tour of the West, makes a stop in Brooklyn to play the amateur Star Club. With Candy Cummings pitching, the Olympics are held to 15 hits, and the Stars win, 49-11.

24th The Red Stockings host a match with the Forest City of Rockford, and Harry Wright pitches against Al Spalding. Cincinnati scores 3 runs in the 9thto pull out a 15–14 victory.

26th In Cincinnati, Forest City takes on the Buckeye Club and wallops them 40–1. Al Spalding is the winning pitcher.

31st At Ogden Park in Chicago, the Red Stockings whip the Rockford Forest Citys, 53–32, before a crowd of 8,000. It is the third game in the series that the Red Stockings have won.