1870 July

2ndIn Cincinnati, the Forest City Club loses to the Red Stockings, 14–13.

3rd  As reported in today’s New YorkClipper, the Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York is formally withdrawing from the National Association of Base Ball Players to protest the evils that seem to be inherent in professionalism. This will be a forerunner of a strictly amateur association. Speculation is that the professionals will form their own association.

4thThe Red Stockings beat the Forest City Club, 24–7. in Cincinnati.

In Philadelphia, the Athletics use a lively ball to defeat the visiting Mutuals, 24–15. Sensenderfer has 2 singles and 3 home runs for the locals.

In Brooklyn, the Atlantics defeat the White Stockings, 30–20. Switch-hitting Bob Ferguson has 6 hits and totals 17 bases. Henry Chadwick says, “Using a lively ball the game has an abundance of batting and a lack of the fine points of the game.”

9thAfter losses to Atlantic, Mutual, and Union of Morrisania, Chicago finally win their first game in New York. The White Stockings beat the amateur Star Club of Brooklyn, 9–5.

11thAt Rockford, The Cincinnati Red Stockings score 8 runs in the 9thinning to tie Forest City at 16 apiece. Darkness ends the game in a tie.

18thHarvard University visits Cincinnati and almost defeats the mighty Red Stockings. Behind 17-12 going into the bottom of the 9th, the Reds score 8 runs to win, 20–17. George Wright has a bases-loaded double in the 9thand Doug Allison knocks in the winning run.

23rd  Five thousand spectators jam Dexter Park in Chicago to see the White Stockings play the visiting Mutuals of New York. Mutuals P Rynie Wolters holds the White Stockings to 3 singles and no runs, winning 9–0 for the first shutout game in big-time baseball history. George L. Moreland (Balldom, 1914) noted that previous to today’s game only five shutout games had ever been played. The New York Heraldwill use “Chicagoed” from now on to signify a shutout; the term survives until at least the late 1890s.

27th  After 104 victories and several road defeats, the Cincinnati Red Stockings lose their first game at home to the visiting Athletics of Philadelphia 11–7.