1871 July

3rdAt the start of a Mutuals-Haymakers game in Troy, NY, Captain Ferguson of the Mutes at first objects to the ball chosen for the game but finally consents. Troy then wallops the non-standard ball for a 37–16 win, with Steve King and Dickie Flowers collecting 6 hits each. Later, the Van Horn ball and the Ryan ball are found to each have the same amount of rubber but the former is “twice as lively.”

4th  The Mutuals, after a fine start, lose their fifth game in a row, to Eckford, 7–0. Only 2 hits are allowed by La “Phonney” Martin.

5th  The annual contest between Yale and Harvard results in a 22–19 victory for Harvard. Yale scores 4 runs in the top of the 9th to lead 19–17, only to have Harvard score 5 in the last half to win the game.

6th The first organized baseball game between a black team and a white team takes place in Chicago, when the black Uniques and the white Alerts square off. The Uniques win, 17–16.

7th  The Olympics of Washington, at home, score 18 runs in the 6th and defeat Ft. Wayne, 32–12. Four players go to bat three times in the big inning—John Glenn, Andy Leonard, Asa Brainard and George Hall. Leonard scores 3 times.

10thAt the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, 200 fans watch the Eckfords wallop the Atlantics, 38–14. Fifty one hits are made in the game, supposedly played with a Peck & Snyder “dead” ball.

12th  The Boston Reds play the Kekiongas at Fort Wayne with the temperature reading 100 in the shade. Losing 8–6 after 5 innings, the Reds win the match 30–9. Al Spalding, Ross Barnes, and Fred Cone get 5 hits each.

13thThe Haymakers of Troy defeat the Mutuals of Brooklyn, 9–7. to give them 3 wins and the season series over the Mutuals. The day is marred by the assault of Clipper Lynn, Troy’s 1B, by Dick Higham of the Mutes. Flynn says that Higham hit him in the face for no reason.

24thThe Athletics win their 3rd game of the season against the Forest City of Cleveland club to win their season series. Levi Meyerle’s home run highlights the 18–3 win.