1873 July

4th  The Resolutes of Elizabeth NJ upset the Red Stocking, 11–2, in an a.m. game. The afternoon game is close for 6 innings but Boston scores 5 runs in the 7th, 2 in the 8th, and 21 in the 9th to roll to a 32–3 win. At the end of today, Baltimore leads with 30 wins, followed by Philadelphia with 27. Boston and the Athletics have 21 each.

3rdIntense heat holds the crowd to 200 at the Union Grounds as Bobby Mathews of the Mutes pitches a 2-hitter to beat the Washington, 2–1. He also hits a triple and scores the winning run.

10th  In Philadelphia, 3,000 people see the Philadelphias, favorites for this year’s pennant, and Boston, last year’s champions, play a wild game with the home team winning 18–17. The teams have decided to cut short the number of games they will play in August due to poor attendance during that month.

17thThe Boston Red Stockings beat the Athletics by a score of 21 to 13. The Bostons make 24 hits, while the A’s have 15—none of the hits for home runs. The time of the game is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

18th  Shortstop George Wright hits 2 HRs in the 3rd off Candy Cummings to stake Boston to an early lead, but Baltimore rallies for 13 runs against Al Spalding in the last 3 innings to overcome a 14–4 deficit. and defeat the Red Stockings 17–14.

21st  One thousand people witness an extraordinary game in Philadelphia between the Athletics and the Lord Baltimores. Lipman Pike’s 3-base hit and Tom York’s groundout tie the game at the end of 9 innings. The Athletics’ 3 runs in the top of the 10th and 2 in the top of the 11th are matched by Baltimore, and it is not until the 13th that Everett Mills scores the winning run for the Baltimores on John Radcliffe’s hit, winning 12–11.

22nd  Tom Barlow’s 6 bunt base hits are not enough to give the Atlantics a victory as the Lord Baltimores win 12–9.

24th  Brooklyn’s Bob Ferguson umpires a close game between the Mutuals and the Baltimores that ends in a 3-run rally by the Mutes in the last of the 9th to win 11–10. A police escort is needed to get the umpire to the clubhouse. Nat Hicks of the Mutuals and Ferguson get into an altercation, the end result of which is the striking of Hicks’s left arm with a bat wielded by the umpire. The men are reconciled after the game, but Hicks’s arm is broken in 2 places, and he will not play for the next 2 months.

30th  The Philadelphia Athletics play their first game in almost 3 weeks after spending a holiday at Cape May, NJ, to rest from the rigors of the season. They are roughly handled at Boston, with the Reds defeating them 24–10.