1882 July

4th  Buffalo’s Pud Galvin wins both ends of a doubleheader against Worcester, 9–5 and 18–8.

In a match between 2 top black teams, Pittsburgh defeats Washington D.C., 18–12.

10,000 disappointed St. Louis cranks see their team waste a come-from-behind rally in the 9th and lose to Allegheny in the 11th, 6–5.

6thIn what the New York Clipperdescribes as an “old-time” game, St. Louis outscores the Eclipse, 21–17.

8th  Chicago, in the midst of its first 9-game winning streak of the season, moves into first place with a 3–0 victory over Troy.

12th  Worcester beats Boston 4–1 to break a 14-game losing streak.

13th  During the 4th inning of a Cincinnati-Baltimore game, umpire Mike Walsh is surrounded on the field by angry spectators after a controversial call and is forced to take refuge in the Baltimore clubhouse for 15 minutes. Cincinnati wins the game 1–0.

18th  Switch pitching Louisville hurler Tony Mullane pitches both right- and left-handed in an AA game against Baltimore, the first time the feat is performed in the major leagues. Starting in the 4th inning he pitches lefthanded whenever Baltimore’s lefty hitters are at bat, while continuing to pitch right-handed to right-handed hitters. It works until the 9th when, with 2 outs, Charlie Householder hits his only HR of the year to beat Mullane 9–8. One newspaper account labeled the move a “novelty,” though the gloveless Mullane, who faced the batter squarely, evidently had a devastating pickoff move to 1B or 3B.

19thProvidence, struggling to regain the lead in the pennant race, scores in the 9th to beat Boston, 1–0.

24th  Chicago sets a NL record for runs by beating Cleveland, 35–4. Seven Chicago players get 4 or more hits and six score 4 or more runs, actually knocking the cover off 2 balls in the process. Abner Dalrymple and King Kelly each a record 8 plate appearances. The record will last until June 29, 1897, when Chicago will run up 36 runs against Louisville. Not surprisingly, this is the only pitching appearance of the season for Cleveland outfielder Dave Rowe, who allows all 35 runs. Chicago tallies 15 singles, 10 doubles, a triple, and 3 home runs.

26th  Paul Hines carries Providence into first place going 5-for-5 and scoring 4 runs, including the winner in the 9th, in a 6–5 victory over Worcester.