1883 July

1stSt. Louis thrills 12,000 home spectators by coming from behind in the 8th and defeating the Athletics in the bottom of the 9th, 9–8.

3rd  Chicago stampedes Buffalo, 31–7, as each Chicago player hits safely and scores at least 3 runs. Abner Dalrymple and Cap Anson each get 5 hits (including 4 doubles), and Dalrymple scores 5 runs. Three players (Dalrymple, Gore, Kelly) each have a record 8 plate appearances. Chicago sets a ML record with 14 doubles, amassing 16 extra-base hits and 32 hits overall, good for 50 total bases. All come off George Derby.

4th  Tim Keefe of New York wins both ends of a doubleheader against Columbus 9–3 and 1–0, allowing a 2-game total of 3 hits. Three days from now Columbus will eke out some measure of revenge, allowing New York only one hit (by O’Keefe) in a 3–0 win.

6th  Cincinnati (AA) thrashes Baltimore 23–0, setting a ML record for the most decisive shutout. The record lasts for 46 days. Will White is the winner over Hardie Henderson.

14thCleveland defeats Philadelphia, 9–2, to temporarily wrest the NL lead from Providence.

17thBuffalo pummels last place Philadelphia, 21–6, led by 5 hits by both Jim O’Rourke and Hardy Richardson.

Allegheny survives runs by the Mets in the 10th and 12th and wins in the 14th, 7–6.

19th  Buffalo defeats Philadelphia 25–5, getting 27 hits in the process. Dan Brouthers goes 6-for-6 with 2 doubles, and Jim O’Rourke again gets 5 hits.

21stProvidence sets its sights on 1st place with a 7–5 win over Detroit. While Cleveland loses to New York, 2-0. The Spiders also lose one of their two pitchers when Jimmy McCormick leaves the field in the 7thcomplaining of a sore elbow.

24thThe game between first-place Cleveland and second-place Providence is called off because of a flooded field. Apparently it was not rain, but the help of Cleveland manager Frank Bancroft that causes the delay (As noted in the September 7, 1884 Brooklyn Eagleand spotted by historian Frank Vaccaro). With his two stars, McCormick and Dunlap sick, Bancroft was looking for some excuse not to play the match When a slight rain began to fall, Bancroft saw his chance. Jumping into a hack he was driven rapidly to the base ball park. In an instant he quickly issued an order to the ground keeper to attach the hose (regular fire engine size) to a hydrant and play the stream on the grounds. He then took a position in the grand stand, where he could command a view of the streets leading to the gate. The hose continued to pour bucketful after bucketful of water over the diamond until the whole place was flooded, and the employee was ordered to desist. About noon Providence manager Harry Wright arrives to have a look at the grounds.

“I’m afraid we will have to call this game,” says Bancroft.

“Why?” inquires Harry.

“Oh, these are the queerest grounds you ever saw. They are flooded every time it rains.”

While they were talking they walked out on the field. Wright had not gone far before he sank into the soft soil above his shoe tops.

“I guess you are right,” agrees Harry.

So the game was postponed on account of a rain that did not lay the dust in the streets.

25th  Charles Radbourn throws a no-hitter as Providence beats top rival Cleveland, 8–0. Hugh Daily is the loser.

26th  Joe Gephardt of the Eclipse is forced to miss a game against St. Louis because of temporary paralysis. He will return to the lineup within 2 weeks.

Hoss Radbourn follows yesterday’s no-hitter with a 9-hit loss to Cleveland, 5–2, as One Arm Daily emerges with the win. The two teams will trade places atop the league five times in the next five days.

Detroit defeats New York, 2-0, as New York’s third baseman Tom Esterbrook goes into the record books with NL record 9 errors in two consecutive games. Frank La Porte will make 7 in two AL games in 1904.

27thBaltimore kicks Allegheny, 21–8, with every player collecting at least a hit and a run.

28th  In the first recorded game in Hawaii, the Honolulu Club wins over the Oceanic Club, 14–13.

30thIn one of the two 17–4 games of the day, Lon Knight of Allegheny (AA) hits for the cycle and scores 5 runs over hapless Philadelphia. In the other, Cincinnati tops Columbus.