1906 July

1st  Righthander Jack Taylor, 8–9 with the St. Louis Cardinals, returns to the Cubs in exchange for 2nd-string C Pete Noonan, rookie P Fred Beebe, and cash. New Chicago owner Murphy is not as apoplectic on the subject of Taylor as his predecessor Hart, and the acquisition denies the Giants of Taylor’s services. Taylor will help the Cubs by going 12–3 the rest of the year. The New York Telegram will accuse Reds owner Herrmann of syndicate baseball, saying he put Murphy in as owner of the Cubs and is backing the St. Louis Cards. Hence, the swap of Taylor from the Cards, Steinfeldt from the Reds, and Sheckard from Brooklyn—all in an effort to deny the Giants the pennant. The Cubs win today, 1-0, over Bob Wicker and the Reds. Ed Reulbach is the winner.

2nd In a battle of the tailenders, Boston beats Washington, 4-3, behind Cy Young in game 1, and Washington then whips them, 17-3 in game 2 in a game called after 7 innings so the Americans can catch a train. Dave Altizer scores 5 runs for the Senators in game 2 and Jones has a triple and double.

In a pair of 1-0 games, the Reds Chick Fraser beats the Cubs, while Boston beats the Phillies on rookie Johnny Bates’s homerun in the 9th off Togie Pittinger.

At Philadelphia, the Highlanders and Athletics split a pair. The A’s take the opener, 5-4, with a bases loaded walk in the 9th. In game 2, the New Yorkers are leading 5-1 in the 9th with 2 outs in the bottom of the frame when a forfeit in declared when fans surge onto the field.

The Reds president Hermann, furious at the charge of Barney Dreyfuss of the Pirates, declares that the Pirates can have Ed Phelps for nothing. Dreyfuss had charged that Phelps was awarded to the Reds because of Hermann’s $6000 wager against the Pirates as a pennant winner. Phelps is now the property of the Boston Americans, but Hermann will pay the $1500 to get his release.

3rd At Cleveland, the Naps top the Tigers, 5–0, in game called after 6 innings on account of rain. To underscore the soggy conditions, Detroit outfielder Germany Schaefer plays the last few innings wearing a raincoat over his uniform. Little-used Happy Jack Townsend records the shutout.

4th At Pittsburgh, the visiting Cubs and Pirates deal aces today with Chicago coming out on top in both games by 1–0 scores. In a classic match, Three Fingered Brown beats Lefty Leifield, 1–0 in the lid lifter with both pitchers firing one-hitters. It is just the 2nddouble one-hitter in history, the first occurring on August 20, 1886. Leifield collects the only Buc shot off Brown while holding Chicago hitless until Jimmy Slagle’s safety in the 9th inning. Slagle scores on a sacrifice, error, and ground out. Brown will toss 9 shutouts this year. In the 2nd game, Carl Lundgren tosses another 1–0 shutout for Chicago, beating Vic Willis. When Brown and Leifield face off on September 6, Brown will again allow just one hit.

After the White Sox beat the Browns yesterday, 5–3 and 8–0, St. Louis retaliates by winning, 8–0, before losing 5–3. The Sox attendance is 10,000. Major league attendance for today’s holiday games has the AL with 75,000 and the NL at 68,000.

5th  Jack Coombs, the A’s rookie righthander from Colby College, makes his ML and pro debut, blanking Washington 3–0 for the Athletics. He allows 7 hits and strikes out 6.

At the Polo Grounds, Boston’s Jeff Pfeffer and Christy Mathewson match zeros for 8 innings before the Giants finally score in the 9thon a single by Sammy Strang. Matty allows 6 hits in the 1–0 win.

In Boston, the Red Sox make 9 errors to help the Highlanders win, 8–3.

6th After winning yesterday, the Cubs (51–22) lose the 4th game of the series with Pittsburgh, 3–2, in 10 innings. Jack Taylor pitches his first game for Chicago.

At Boston, the Highlanders Jack Chesbro and Doc Newton both throw shutouts, beating the Red Sox, 4-0 and 8-0.

The White Sox sign OF Patsy Dougherty. The former Highlander had been playing with Lancaster (Tri State) after a salary dispute with New York. Dougherty will be immediately suspended by the AL for jumping his contract, then pay a $175 fine. He’ll hit .233 for the Sox in 75 games.

7th The first-place Cubs take the 5th game in the series at Pittsburgh, 5–0, scoring all their runs in the 9th. Three Fingered Brown is the winner, allowing 4 hits. They will lose the last game of the series, on Monday in Chicago, 3–1.

9th  At League Park, the Giants trim the Reds, 5–3.

10th  The Reds reach Mathewson for 5 runs before Red Ames relieves in the 5th. Bob Wicker, the ex-Cub, holds New York in check for a 5–3 Cincy win.

12th  The Reds sell star Cy Seymour to the New York Giants for $12,000. Seymour was hitting just .257. Reds manager Ned Hanlon claims the move will strengthen the team, a notion scoffed at in Pittsburgh. The Sporting News surmises, “Will the lads in Cincinnati stand for the sale of Seymour? Wonder if the Pittsburg fans would stand for the sale of Wagner to the Chicago club? Do you think so, gentle reader?”

In St. Louis, the Phils lose to the Cardinals, 7-6, despite four stolen bases by Sherry Magee.

14th  At Robison Field, the Giants clip the Cardinals 5–1 and 4–0 with the help of two additions to the lineup. Cy Seymour, last year’s near triple-crown winner, is a new addition from the Reds for $12,000. Seymour was with the Giants from 1896 to 1900 as a pitcher and outfielder, and in 1905 led the NL in batting, RBIs, slugging percentage, and 2nd in homers (8). Cy has 4 hits for the Giants today. The other addition is Spike Shannon, who moves over from the Cardinal dugout in exchange for Sam Mertes and Doc Marshall. Spike has 3 hits and 2 runs in the opener. Mathewson wins the nitecap, shutting out the Birds on 6 hits. The Giants will win the next two to sweep the 4-game series.

16th At New York, the White Sox score 3 off Doc Newton and Jack Chesbro in the 10th to beat the Highlanders, 7–4, dropping New York to 2nd place behind the A’s. Yesterday, they won with 2 runs in the 9th. New York did most of their damage in the 3rd, when Wid Conroy hits a 3-run homer to CF off Frank Owen. Conroy has 3 hits. When Doc White relieves he allows 2 hits in 7 innings. Newton, on the New York side, is touched for 12 hits.

17th The Cubs beat back the Giants, 6–2, as Three Fingered Brown tops Christy Mathewson. Joe Tinker’s 2-run homer in the 6th is the big blow for Chicago. The loss drops the Giants to 6 games behind the Cubs.

18th Ty Cobb, suffering stomach cramps, leaves the Tigers and returns to Detroit. He will undergo an operation for ulcers, and be out of the lineup until September.

Washington pitcher Fred “Cy” Falkenberg bangs the century’s first grand slam by a ML pitcher, connecting in the 6th inning off White Sox ace Frank Owen. The lanky Falkenberg’s Texas League drive in the 6th hits a stone and bounces, rolling under the stands for an inside-the-park grand slam. Washington wins, 6–3, over the 4th-place Sox. It is the only homer of his career.

19th The Giants, behind Iron Joe McGinnity, beat Chicago’s Ed Reulbach, 5–2. Reulbach (7–4) will win his next 12 games to finish the season at 19–4 with an ERA of 1.65.

20th  Brooklyn righthander Mal Eason, the victim of John Lush’s no-hitter in May, no-hits the Cardinals 2–0 at St. Louis. Eason walks 3 and strikes out 5. This will be Eason’s last season as an active player: he will become an NL umpire.

Against Christy Mathewson, the Cubs overcome a 3–2 deficit with 4 runs in the 8th inning to win, 6–3. Harry Steinfeldt’s 2-run triple puts the Cubs ahead to stay.

23rd The White Sox and A’s exchange shutouts, with Chicago taking game 1, 4–0, and the A’s winning the nitecap, 3–0. After losing 2 to Philadelphia on the 25th, the Sox trail the 3rd place Athletics by 9 games.

In a Texas League marathon at Ft. Worth, Cleburne and Ft. Worth battle to a 0-0 tie in 19 innings, the longest scoreless game in league history. Hickory Dickson for Cleburne and Alex Dupree for Ft. Worth each go the distance.

24th At Boston, the last-place Red Sox spank Cleveland twice, winning 5-1 and 9-2. Cy Young tops Addie Joss in the opener and the Cleveland ace comes up with a sore shoulder that will limit his mound appearances to two games in August.

25th In Pittsburgh, Mathewson salvages the final game in the 4-game series by shutting out the Pirates, 3–0. Matty allows 8 hits in beating Deacon Phillippe.

27th At St. Louis, Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Dinneen allows only a Pete O’Brien single in beating the Browns, 1–0. O’Brien’s single could easily have been ruled an error.

At Philadelphia, Lefty Leifield stops the Phillies, 10-2, for Pittsburgh, while Ginger Beaumont hits a grand slam off Johnny Lush in the 7th.

28th At Galveston, the Sand Crabs win the opener from Austin, 4–1 (South Texas League). In the 2nd game, Galveston, down 2–0 in the 8th, forfeits the game when management has umpire Wright arrested for using foul language. “The language said to have been used was such as to offend even the blase old rounder, to say nothing of the many ladies in the audience. The action of the management in having Wright arrested, even at the expense of the forfeiture of the game, was commended by all present when the reason of it all became known.” (Galveston Chronicle)

30th  A State Supreme Court judge rules that, despite “voluntary contributions” instead of paid admissions, Brooklyn is conducting a business enterprise and thus violating the law prohibiting Sunday baseball in New York. Sunday baseball in Brooklyn will not be legal until 1919.

At the Polo Grounds, the Giants jump on Cincy’s Bob Wicker, lighting him up for 17 hits to win, 9–1. Christy Mathewson and Cy Seymour each have 3 hits, with Matty exiting the game after 6 innings. The umps call the game after 8 innings on account of darkness.

Boston American rookie Joe Harris stops St. Louis, 5-3, to snap his losing streak of 14 straight losses.