1907 July

4th The Cubs pin a pair of holiday losses on the visiting Cincinnati Reds, beating them 5–1 and 2–0. Three Fingered Brown wins the opener and Orval Overall shuts out the Reds in game 2, beating Bob Ewing. For Ewing, it is the first of a string of 10 straight losses to the Cubs.

The Browns and Tigers have the offensive outing of the holiday as they combine for a ML record 12 triples between them (until 2005 the record was thought to be 10, set on September 15, 1901). Seven triples were hit in the morning game, with Detroit winning, 9-4. Claude Rossman is the only one with 2 triples. The afternoon game, a 7-6 Detroit win, has another 5 triples hit to combine for the record.

5th At Philadelphia, the Tigers jump on reliever Rube Waddell for 4 runs in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to upend the Athletics, 9-5. Ty Cobb has 3 hits and twice steals home.

At Cleveland, Nap Lajoie hits his first homer in two years to give the Naps a 2-1 victory over the Highlanders. His drive in the 8thjams into the wire screen in back of CF and, despite the frantic efforts by Danny Hoffman to pry it out, Lajoie trots around with the winning run before the ball is freed. The homer is reminiscent of a game-winner hit under the wire screen in 1902 by Cy Young.

8th  Bombarded by pop bottles in Brooklyn, irate Cubs manager Frank Chance throws one back into the stands where it cuts a boy’s leg. Chance is mobbed and leaves the park in an armored car with a police escort after the Cubs’ 5–0 victory. Three Fingered Brown emerges with the shutout win.

Boston shuts out the Reds twice, winning 3-0 and 1-0 behind the pitching of Vive Lindaman and Irv Young.

9th In New York, the Giants pluck two from the Cardinals, winning 5–3 and 6–5. Mathewson takes the opener and Joe McGinnity the nitecap. The Giants Danny Shay, who missed last season because of an amputated finger, hits his 2nd and last career homer.

12th  After an absence of 24 days, Roger Bresnahan returns to the lineup and collects 2 hits in a 3–2 win for the Giants against Coakley, the same hurler who hit him with a pitch on June 18th. Bresnahan does not wear the headgear he developed. When a fan keeps a foul ball during the game rather than tossing it back, Giants team secretary Frank Knowles warns that “in the future he will not be so lenient about anyone stealing a ball.”

13th The Reds manage 11 hits off Christy Mathewson, but no runs, and the Giants win 4–0.

15th The White Sox pound the Highlanders, 15–0, the second time this season they’ve beaten New York by that score. They’ll beat them in 1950 by the same score, the Yanks’ team record for most runs by an opponent in a shutout.

16th  Ed Walsh sets another ML record for fielding chances for pitchers, handling 12 assists and 3 putouts in a 13-inning 3–2 White Sox win over visiting New York. His 12 assists (extra innings) will be matched by Nick Altrock in 1908 and Leon Cadore in 1920.

17th Battling for 2nd place, the Pirates defeat the Giants, 2–0, pinning the loss on Mathewson. The Giants announce that Tommy Corcoran, the 38-year-old vet whom the Giants picked up before the season started, has been handed his release.

The last-place Senators down the Tigers, 13-2, as Bob Ganley scores 5 runs.

19th At the Polo Grounds, the visiting Cubs beat up on the Giants, winning 12–3.

20th Chicago’s Carl Lundgren and New York’s Mathewson are stingy today with the Cubs twirler allowing just 4 hits while the Cubs scratch 3 off Matty. The Giants score in the 4th when Cy Seymour parks a drive in the bleachers with two on. Prevailing rules make the hit a single, with just one run scoring: it is enough as Matty wins, 1–0. Joe Tinker is hitless against Matty, the only time this year that Mathewson shuts down his nemesis.

In St. Louis, George Stone belts a 4th inning 3-run inside-the-park homer off Slow Joe Doyle as the Browns beat the Highlanders, 6-2. On August 11, Stone will hit another three-run IPHR off Doyle.

22nd  Cincinnati righthander Bob Ewing has the Phils popping up all day; the Reds have no assists in a 10–3 seven-inning win.

In the Giants 2–1 loss to the Cubs, Larry Doyle debuts a 2B for New York. The Giants manage just 4 hits off Cubs ace Ed Reulbach, but Doyle has 2 of them.

23rd  The Washington Nationals conclude a 31-game road trip, the longest in AL history, losing to Cleveland, 3-1.

At Austin (Texas League) the hosts beat San Antonio 44-0 in a 9-inning second game. San Antonio forfeits the first game in the 8thinning because of disagreements with the umpire Schuster. They started the second game but did not play it, then starting playing and making a farce of it. Fielders refused to catch fly balls and infielders refused to handle grounders. Parson McGill pitched the shutout while nearly all the players for San Antonio end up pitching. There were so many position changes that the official scorer does not report an official box score to the newspapers.

25th The Giants beat the host Reds, 4–3 as Mathewson outpitches Bob Ewing. But the host Reds will take the next 3 games from New York. New York C Roger Bresnahan returns after being out from a beaning and he wears a pneumatic head gear while batting. The early batting helmet is a ML first.

Red Sox manager Deacon Maguire belts a pinch-hit solo homer off Detroit’s Ed Siever. At age 43, McGuire is the oldest player to ever hit a pinch homer. His first round tripper came back in 1884.

26th Cleveland wins a pair over the New York Highlanders, 7–5 and 8–3, to move a half game behind the league-leading Chicago White Sox. The Sox lose today, 4–3 to the A’s. Highlander’s Hal Chase has his 33-game hit streak stopped in game 1. It began on June 24. It is the AL-record until Cobb will top it.

28th The Reds make it three straight from the Giants, winning 8–3 and 3–1. In game 1, winning pitcher Jake Weimer adds insult to injury with a swipe of home. An incensed John McGraw gets into a fight with a park security man and belts him. Police break it up and no arrests are made.

29th At St. Louis, the Giants edge the Cards 4–3 in 11 innings. New York blows a 2–0 lead in the 9th when Mathewson makes a wild throw to 1B. A triple by Cy Seymour, sandwiched between 2 hits, gives the Giants a pair of runs, and Matty holds on to win.

30th  Cincinnati manager Ned Hanlon, whose managing days began in 1889 at Pittsburgh, announces this will be his last season. His record includes 5 pennants—4 at Baltimore, one at Brooklyn. The boys win one for him today scoring 7 runs in the 3rd to beat Chicago, 8–0.