1981 July

8th  In 6-4 Salem win over Eugene (Northwest League) Salem has three stolen bases on one play with only two runners on base. (as noted by Kevin Saldana). With 2 outs in the fourth inning, James Randall on 1B starts to steal 2B with teammate Lonnie Garza on 3B. Garza heads for the plate when the throw goes to 2B. The return throw to the plate is too late to catch Garza, and Randall keeps running, beating a close play at 3B. He later scores on a passed ball.


31st  Fifty days after the strike began, the players and owners finally hammer out an agreement that features a complicated pooling system for free-agent compensation. Free agents will be classified according to their statistics, with teams losing “Type A” players entitled to select one player from the available compensation pool. Each team will be allowed to withhold 26 players from the pool, while a maximum of 5 clubs can agree not to sign any Type A free agents and therefore not have to contribute to the pool at all.