1868 June

1st The Champion Unions of Morrisania, with George Wright at SS, play their first game of the season winning, 31–16, over the Olympic Club of Patterson, NJ.

6th The Athletics of Philadelphia beat the Reds, 20–13, before 5,000 at a soggy Union Grounds in Cincinnati. The Reds, with new players Mart King (from the Haymakers) and John Hatfield (Mutuals) are unable to stop the A’s heavy hitting.

The Champion Unions are almost upset by a team of Yale students in New Haven, and need 2 runs in the last of the 9th to tie, and 2 in the last of the 10th to win, 16–14.

10th In Buffalo, the Atlantics are defeated by the Niagaras and pitcher Atwater, 19–15. The Niagaras jump to a 9–0 lead, then fall behind before rallying to win.

18th Continuing their western tour, the Athletics of Philadelphia face the Forest City of Rockford club, winning decisively, 94–13.

24th Playing without their injured star, 2B Al Reach, the Athletics of Philadelphia have no trouble defeating the Forest City Club of Cleveland, 85–11. The New York Clipperobserves, “The Athletic Club, unlike the Atlantics, have no compassion on their opponents—whoever they might be—and the game is played as though upon each run depends the result of the game.”

In Chicago, the Atlantics trip Al Spalding and the Forest City of Rockford Club, 31–29. The Atlantics need 12 runs in the 8th to win.

29th The touring Athletics of Philadelphia finally lose as Excelsior of Rochester, NY wins, 26–20. The Excelsiors take advantage of A’s pitcher Dick McBride, who has a sore arm.