1872 June

6thAl Spalding holds the Lords to 2 hits as Boston has no trouble with Bobby Mathews, winning 7–0. Charley Gould, first sacker for the Reds, has 17 putouts at 1B.

15th  During the Athletics-Atlantics game, Tom Barlow bunts the ball and reaches first safely. The New York Clipperdescribes the play: “After the first two strikers had been retired, Barlow, amid much laughter and applause, ‘blocked’ a ball in front of the home plate and reached first base before the ball did.” That is one of only 3 hits off Dick McBride, as the Athletics win 11–1.

26thThe Washington Nationals (0-11) (NA) play their last game of the season with a 9-1 loss to Baltimore. A moral victory of sorts: it is their first game holding opponents under 10 runs. The Nationals had opened the season with a 21-1 loss to Baltimore.

30thThe Boston Reds complete June with an 18–1 record. Ross Barnes leads the team in batting with a mark of .380, with George Wright at .368.