1879 June

2ndJ. Lee Richmond, star at Brown University, makes his pro debut with Worcester by no-hitting Chicago in a 7-inning game, 11–0. Richmond was 1–0 last year with NL Boston.

5thChicago scores 3 times in the bottom of the 9thto edge Providence, 6–5. Quinn, Williamson, and Larkin provide scoring singles plus errors by O’Rourke and Hines. This ups the Whites lead over the Grays to 5 games.

6th Charley Jones hits a tremendous home run, estimated to travel 500 feet, as Boston beats Buffalo, 7–4.

9th  Back with Brown University, Lee Richmond pitches his school to the College Championship by beating Yale 3–2. In the 9th, Yale puts runners on 2B and 3B with 2 out, but Richmond fans Ripley on a full count (8-2) pitch.

10th  Providence plays errorless ball for the first time this season and beats Cincinnati, 11–1.

12th  Boston shades Cleveland, 1–0, as Sadie Houck scores the winning run after colliding with SS Tom Carey as the fielder was going after a pop fly. The consolation for the losers is the fine performance of their latest catching recruit, Barney Gilligan.

13th  Will White sprains his ankle while horsing around with Mike Kelly before the game, and Cincinnati is forced to use Cal McVey in the pitcher’s box. McVey is pounded for 28 hits, as Providence wins 19–6.

14th  Chicago’s Frank “Silver” Flint hits a ball over the LF fence in the 9th inning in Troy. He takes only 3 bases on the hit because he wants to force the catcher to play close behind the next batter, giving the hitter a better chance. Flint eventually scores but Chicago still loses 10–9.

15th  St. Louis applies to join the IA (then known as the National Association) after having previously rejected offers to take over the NL’s Indianapolis franchise.

20th  Oscar Walker of Buffalo becomes the first ML player to strike out 5 times in a 9-inning game. Luckily, his teammates are able to hit George Bradley’s delivery enough to beat Troy, 8–3. Bradley will lose 40 this year, tops in the NL.

21stWith Joe Start out with an injury, Providence quickly recruits Bill White of Brown University to play 1B. He goes 1-for-4 with no errors in his only big league game as the Grays beat Cleveland, 5–3. White, whose father was a Southern plantation owner and his mother was a slave, is significant in that he is possibly the first African-American pro player (details of his life were discovered by a group of SABR researchers, headed by Peter Morris).

22ndThe New York Timesreports the death of a player named Alexander Taylor. Apparently this fatality took place on the field of play. The article says that Taylor, a catcher, got too close to the batter as he swung, smashing his skull.

23rdDan Brouthers makes his ML debut with Troy, contributing a single in a 6-run burst that beats Syracuse, 6–0.

26th  Boston edges Providence 3–2, due largely to a triple play started by C Snyder. He drops a 3rd strike with the bases loaded and begins the throws that result in three force outs. The rule eliminating the chance for double and triple plays on dropped 3rd strikes would not be adopted until 1887.

28th  John O’Rourke of Boston hits 2 homers as the Reds beat the Grays, 10–5. O’Rourke will finish the season with 6 homers, 2ndto teammate Jones’s NL-high of 10.

30th  Despite being outhit, 11-3, Cleveland beats Buffalo, 2–1.