1881 June

1stHaving lost all three games he pitched this year, Tommy Bond is released by Boston. He had won 149 games for the Reds in 4 seasons.

7thAided by 4 errors by SS Art Irwin and the one-sided decisions of ump W.W. Jeffers, Chicago wins easily in Worcester, 13–1.

9th  Buffalo wins a 13-inning thriller 1–0 in Boston to move into a tie for first place with Chicago, which loses to Worcester, 7–6. Dan Brouthers is the star, saving the game with a one-handed catch in LF and then tripling and scoring the only run.

13thPlaying no favorites, Worcester SS Irwin makes errors that allow Buffalo to score 6 of its runs in a 10–9 victory.

15thHaving originally been scheduled to play an exhibition in Albany, the Troy Trojans play off yesterday’s rainout versus Cleveland in the capitol city. This is one of 7 NL games that Troy will play in Albany in 3 seasons.

16th  Buttercup Dickerson goes 6-for-6 as Worcester beats Buffalo’s John Lynch, 15–4, and knocks the Bisons out of first place.

17thBoston thrills a Bunker Hill Day crowd of 6325 by upsetting Chicago, 6–3.

18th  The Washington Nationals disband, blaming lack of interest since the club failed to land a berth in the NL.

20th  A new Red Stocking team in Cincinnati takes the field for the first time. This club would be among the founders of the American Association next year and would eventually become the NL Reds.

21stSluggers go back to back for the first time as Dan Brouthers and Hardy Richardson hit consecutive home runs in the 8thinning against Troy’s Mickey Welch. But the Trojans beat Buffalo, 8-7.

22nd  Two NL teams play the Mets in the same day, Detroit winning the morning game at the Polo Grounds 5–1, Buffalo winning the afternoon contest 9–1.

24th  Returning home from a long road trip, the Chicago White Stockings unveil new lavender uniforms, much to the amusement of the press. An unamused Larry Corcoran then tosses an 8–0 shut out over Providence.

25th  Chicago’s George Gore steals 7 bases as the Whites beat Providence, 12-8. Gore steals second 5 times and 3rd twice, scoring 5 runs in 5 trips. This record will be tied only once, by Billy Hamilton on August 31, 1894. Stolen bases are not an official stat, but the Chicago Tribune reports the thefts.

26thIn Louisville, Akron and Eclipse battle to a 19-inning, 2–2 tie. A lightning relay to the plate by 2B Fred Pfeffer in the 18th saves the game for the hometown Eclipse.

27thChicago wins a slugfest from Providence, 19–12. This ups the Whites’ lead to 4 1/2 games and drops the last-place Grays to 10 1/2 games behind.

29thIn New York, the Democrats beat the Stalwarts (Republicans) 58-26 in a game played by members of the state legislature as a benefit for families of the men killed during the construction of the new NY State Capitol Building.

30th  There are 217 called balls and other interminable delays in Chicago’s 4–2 victory over Troy. The lengthy game takes all of 2 hours and 20 minutes.