1882 June

1stOnly 50 people witness Worcester’s 13–3 loss to the visiting Cleveland team.

3rdDetroit and Boston play to a 14-inning 4-4 tie.

Troy outfielders Pete Gillespie and John Cassidy collide in the 1st inning in a game against the Metropolitans. Cassidy is unhurt but Gillespie is knocked out and removed from the game.

5th  Boston defeats Detroit 10–2. According to the Chicago Tribune, this is the first time a team scoring in double figures does so entirely with earned runs.

6th  William “Blondie” Purcell of Buffalo is fined $10 for slicing open a soggy baseball. He did this to compel the umpire to put a fresh ball in play so his P Pud Galvin might be able to throw a curve.

Catcher Pop Snyder of Cincinnati starts a triple play against Baltimore by deliberately dropping a 3rd strike with the bases loaded in the 1st. This defensive gambit will be outlawed at the end of the season.

Charley Jones loses his lawsuit against his Cincinnati club for payment of salary due him. He’ll appeal.

10thThe Eclipse score 6 runs in the bottom of the 12th to defeat the Athletics, 10–5.

15thAfter each team scores in the 10th, Boston comes from behind in the 11th to beat Chicago, 14–13.

20thLarry Corcoran goes 4-for-4 and hits Chicago’s first grand slam ever. It’s the only homer of his career. He also pitches his team to a 13–3 win over Worcester’s Lee Richmond.

22nd  In a battle between the top 2 teams, Providence scores 13 runs in the 3rd inning to devastate Detroit 15–5 and maintain its edge in the NL pennant race.

The Reds down Pittsburgh, 5-2, in 14 innings, preserving the win with a game-ending triple play, the latest in ML history. With runners on first and second, SS Chick Fulmer lets a pop fly drop. He picks it up and throws to 3B for a force, and the relay back to Fulmer and 2B for the second out, and the relay to 1B to beat the batter who was not running. The infield fly rule, to be enacted in 1895, will do away with this ploy.

24th  Dick Higham becomes the first and only ML umpire to be expelled for dishonesty. Higham, who had previously played OF and catcher for 6 different teams, was accused of advising gamblers how to bet on NL games. Acting on a complaint brought by Detroit mayor William Thompson, who is also president of the Detroit Wolverines, the league’s board of governors expels Higham. Higham, the first ump to use a protective mask, will end up as a bookkeeper in Chicago.

26thDetroit comes from behind with 3 runs in the bottom of the 14th to edge Worcester, 8–7.

28thAfter a scoreless 9 innings in Cincinnati between Baltimore and Cincinnati (AA), and a rain delay, both pitchers, Doc Landis and Will White, lose their grip on the wet ball and the teams each score 4 in the 10th. Cincinnati then posts another 7 runs in the 11th, with the help of a ML-record tying two triples by Harry Wheeler to win, 11–4. Joe Hornung of Boston had two triples in the 8th on May 6. Baltimore is now 3-24. (as noted by Cliff Blau, the box score runs in the July 8 New York Clipper)

29th  In the 4th inning of a game against St. Louis, the Eclipse leave the field to protest the continued use of an incompetent umpire. They also refuse to play the next 2 games, thus forfeiting 3 games to St. Louis. After a special AA meeting, the 2 teams agree to replay the last 2 games.

30th  A double play on a safe hit occurs in Chicago during the White Stockings 9-0 win over Boston (as recounted in TSN, April 5, 1916). Stocky Sam Wise is on 1B when Joe Hornung shoots a [later called] a hit and run single between 3B and short send Sam to third. Left fielder Abner Dalrymple fires to 3B Ed Williamson who puts the tag on Wise who had overslid the bag, and then fires to 1B Cap Anson to get Hornung who had gone too far towards second.