1884 June

1st  In a UA game, host Chicago beats first-place St. Louis, 5-4, when pitcher One Arm Daily walks in the 10thand scores the winning run. Because of the Sunday blue laws, this is the only game scheduled in the three leagues.

5th  Frank Mountain (Columbus AA) no-hits Washington 12–0. In addition, he hits a HR, possibly the first pitcher to do so.

6th  Boston remains a game ahead of Providence at the top of the NL after a 16-inning 1–1 pitchers’ duel between Red Stocking Jumbo Jim Whitney and the Grays’ Charlie Radbourn. The game will be the season’s longest in the NL.

7th  Charlie Sweeney of Providence (NL) strikes out 19 Boston Red Stockings to establish a ML record for a 9-inning game. It will be tied a month later but not broken until Roger Clemens fans 20 on April 29, 1986. Providence’s 2–1 win moves it into first place, but Boston will take the next 4 from the Grays to regain the lead. Sweeney’s mound opponent, a tired Jumbo Jim Whitney, subbing for a sore-armed Charlie Buffinton, is almost Sweeney’s equal at the start, striking out 6 straight batters over the first three innings. Sweeney allows 2 unearned runs in the 8th inning to lose.

9thFrank Mountain follows up his no-hitter by giving up 7 hits in a 9–0 loss to Philadelphia.

Against Cleveland, Billy Sunday of Chicago (NL) homers for the 3rd time in 3 games. His season total will be 4.

10th  The Mets edge Louisville 7–5 in 11 innings to tie the Eclipse for first place in the AA with a 20-8 record.

Chicago White Stocking ace Larry Corcoran switch pitches in a 2-0 win over Cleveland. Tony Mullane did it two years ago.

12th  New York (NL) rookie Ed Begley hurls a one-hitter against Philadelphia, but loses in the 9th when Phillie P Charlie Ferguson reaches on an error, takes 2B on a wild pitch, steals 3B, and scores the only run on a fly to RF.

Francis Pidgeon, the famous pitcher for Brooklyn Eckfords in earlier days, is killed by a train in NYC while walking along the tracks.

13th  Baltimore (AA) management surrounds the playing field with a barbed wire fence to restrain the crowd. Baltimore fans had surged onto the field and manhandled the umpire following a 13-inning tie with Louisville the day before.

14th  P Charlie Radbourn of Providence and P Jim Whitney of Boston—rivals in the NL’s longest game 8 days earlier—face each other in a 15-inning 4–3 Providence win. The victory starts the Grays on a 10-game win streak that will lift them over Boston into first place.

Washington (UA) P Bill Wise helps his own cause with 4 hits—3 doubles—as his Nationals defeat the Philadelphia Keystones, 12–7. Because the Nats SS has deserted the club, UA secretary Warren White, a former SS, fills in. He has 2 errors, but gets a hit and scores.

Noah Brooks’s Our Base Ball Club, and How It Won the Championship, one of the first works of baseball fiction (and Brooks’s 2nd) is advertised in the New York Clipper.

16th  Two days after his 15-inning loss, in which he struck out 18 Providence batters, Boston (NL) hurler Jim Whitney fans 11 New York Maroons for a 2-game total of 29, stopping New York on one hit 6–1. Whitney will end the year with 270 strikeouts and just 27 walks, a ratio of 10:1. Not till Bret Saberhagen in 1994 will anyone with 100 K’s better this mark.

Chicago’s Larry Corcoran pitches both left- and righthanded in an NL game against Buffalo. Corcoran, normally a righty, has a “felon,” a painful inflammation on his right index finger, and tries to ease the pain by alternating pitching hands. Hit hard, he is lifted after four innings and goes to short for the rest of the game, finishing with three hits, including two triples. Chicago loses 20–9 to the Bisons. Buffalo LF Jim O’Rourke hits for the cycle.

17th  Baltimore (AA) Orioles OF Frank “Gid” Gardner is jailed after severely beating lady friend Effie Jones and a woman who had come to her aid. The charges are dropped, but Orioles manager Billy Barnie will fine Gardner and suspend him indefinitely.

In Providence, Charles Sweeney pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the year, beating New York (NL) 9–0 in the afternoon game. Providence is errorless, while New York fumbles 10 times. New York won the morning game in Boston against the Nationals, 7-6. Tomorrow teammate Charles Radbourn matches Sweeney’s performance in a 15–0 win, Buck Ewing getting the only New York hit in the 9th. In the last 3 games New York has totaled 3 hits. This is the first time and only time in the 19th century that back-to-back one-hitters have been thrown in the ML: it’ll happen 8 times in the 20th century.

Philadelphia ace Charlie Ferguson tosses a 7–2 victory over Boston (NL) in the afternoon Bunker Hill Day game ending Boston’s streak of 21 straight victories over Philadelphia. Seven of the wins were in 1884. Ferguson also is 4-for-4 as Boston loses twice today to different teams.

18thAccording to a book by Harry Palmer, the most one sided contest on record between professional clubs occurs as the Mutuals of New York vanquish the Chicagos by 38 to 1.

21stChicago wins, 11–7, and knocks Boston into a virtual tie for first place in the NL with Providence. Providing the margin of victory is Fred Pfeffer, who clubs a grand slam. Down 7-1 at Chicago, John Morrill decides to keep playing with eight men after opposing captain Adrian Anson and umpire John McLean don’t believe an injury to center fielder Jim Manning is serious enough. Manning had turned his ankle returning to 2B after a second inning fly ball. Originally Morrill pulled his team off the field to protest but ump McLean pulled out his stop-watch and threatened a forfeit with fines against Boston.

23rdAfter failing to take advantage of Chicago’s short RF fence on June 21, the Red Stockings fine the range, outhomering Chicago 5–2, and winning 12–5. Winning P Charles Buffinton has one homer and Jack Burdock has 2. The Sporting Life(July 9) reports that Adrian Anson uses a new style of bat in this game. It is made of several pieces of ash, jointed and glued together lengthwise, while in the center is inserted a rattan rod about one inch square, and composed of 12 strips of rattan glued together. The handle is wound with linen cord. He has a single and double off Buffinton, and tomorrow will have 2 singles, a double and HR off Whitney with the bat.

24th  A Chicago court rules that, although the NL lakefront ballpark illegally blocks the lake view and breezes from homes to its west, the White Stockings may continue to use it through the end of the season.

St. Louis (UA) continues its winning ways, downing Philadelphia 15-1. Dave Rowe has 3 triples for the winners.

Hoss Radbourn of Providence continues to stifle NL bats with a 3-hit, 1–0, win, with 15 strikeouts over Detroit in 15 innings. In his last 3 games Radbourn had allowed only 6 hits.

27th  Chicago ace Larry Corcoran ends the Providence Grays’ 10-game winning streak with the NL’s first no-hitter of the season. The 6–0 win is Corcoran’s third ML no-hitter. Charles Sweeney is the losing pitcher, suffering the Gray’s first shutout of the year.

28th  In the 6th inning of an AA game at Toledo, several Brooklyn and Toledo players are arrested for playing ball on Sunday. Because of the crowd’s anger, though, police permit the players to finish the game before taking them into custody. Brooklyn wins, 5–3.

In American Park, the Reds beat the New York Metropolitans, 8–7. Reds P Will White hits a home run, the first Reds pitcher to hit a homer.

30th  Providence loses 5–4 to Mike “King” Kelly’s HR with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th. Chicago’s win, coupled with Boston’s 11–2 triumph over Detroit, allows Boston to pass the Grays and move into the NL lead by one-half game.