1886 June

2nd At the last minute, Tony Mullane refuses to pitch against Brooklyn, so George Pechiney steps in and pitches the Reds to a 6–2 win.

3rd  St. Louis (AA) teammates Arlie Latham and Doc Bushong stage a fist fight during a game in Baltimore, won by St. Louis, 9-5. They are fined $100 each.

Dave Foutz shuts out Brooklyn and Pittsburgh (AA) coasts to a 19–0 rout. Bill Terry is the loser.

4th  Tony Mullane pitches 7 shutout innings, then allows 12 runs in the final 2 frames to lose to Brooklyn 12–7, fueling suspicions that he is throwing games.

In Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (AA) doubles the Athletics, 16-8. Harry Stovey of the A’s runs his consecutive hit streak, started yesterday, to 9 straight (as noted by historian Trent McCotter).

5th Detroit’s lefty ace Charles “Lady” Baldwin twirls a 14-inning shutout in Philadelphia. Phillie P Dan Casey loses his own game with a 2-out error in the 14th, leading to 3 runs for the Wolverines.

7th Chicago’s Tommy Burns apparently drives home the tie-breaking runs with 2 outs in the top of the 9th. Thinking the game is in the bottom of the 9th, he heads for the bench (or reached first and then wandered off). When the Giants throw the ball to 1B, the ump Connell calls Burns out, nullifying the runs. After a loud argument, and a scoreless last half of the inning, the White Sox settle for a 7–7 tie. This has been cited as a pre-Johnny Evers example of a challenge of the practice of not touching first on a game-winning hit. However, the fact that 2 runs scored argues against that conclusion. Sid Farrar, in 1889, is another example cited as a pre-Evers play.

Paul Hines hits a grand slam to pace Washington (NL) to a 5–1 victory over St. Louis.

8th Batting last today, Chicago beats the Giants, 3–2, in the bottom of the 9th on triples by Abner Dalrymple and Mike “King” Kelly.

9th  At an AA league meeting in Columbus, Browns owner Chris Von der Ahe pays Comiskey’s many fines after Comiskey had steadfastly refused to pay them. The AA threatened to bar Comiskey from all games.

10th Having lost his government job because of the afternoons he missed pitching for Washington, Bob Barr goes on the road finally and beats the host Athletics in Philadelphia, 3–2.

12th  At Recreation Park, Detroit sets a new ML record by hitting 7 HRs in one game, a record that will finally be broken by the Yankees on June 28, 1939. St. Louis P Charley Sweeney serves up all 7 homers, a ML record, as he allows 21 hits. Sweeney is knocked out of the box in the 3rd but St. Louis has no one to pitch so he is forced to stay in the game and take the punishment. Detroit gets 2 homers each from Jack Rowe and Sam Thompson, and homers by Bennett, Brouthers, and Crane. Jerry Denny connects for St. Louis as they lose, 14–7.

At Philadelphia, the last-place Phils trip Washington, 3-2, behind the pitching of Dan Casey. Off field, Casey is not so lucky as he, George Wood and Charlie Bastian are robbed of gold watches and chains and $370 in cash while they are playing.

14th Chicago rookie Jocko Flynn strikes out 13 Kansas City batters to win 6–1. Flynn will finish the season with a 23–6 mark (several encyclopedias credit him with 24 wins), a league–best .800 winning percentage, but will develop arm trouble and never pitch another ML inning. Flynn holds the record for most wins in a pitcher’s only season.

16th  On Opening Day in the Southern League of Colored Base Ballists, the Eclipse of Memphis beats the home Unions of New Orleans 3–1. The SLCBB, the first black professional sports league, will collapse in August.

17th Despite giving up a home run to Australian-born Joe Quinn, Chicago’s John Clarkson easily beats St. Louis, 11–3. It is the Aussie’s first homer. The loss goes to Handsome Henry Boyle.

18th  The Cincinnati Enquirer publishes a letter purporting to show that Tony Mullane sold ball games in Philadelphia and Brooklyn to gamblers on the last road trip. After the author of the letter fails to produce any evidence, the club exonerates the pitcher.

19th Accompanied by a large contingent of Chicago fans with brooms, the White Stockings win their first game in Detroit, 5–4.

21st Detroit’s Charlie Getzien loses his no-hitter in the 9th but still beats Chicago, 4–1, dashing the visiting fans’ hopes for a sweep.

22nd  Detroit wins the rubber game of the 3-game series with Chicago 5–4, as an irate Captain Anson is fined $110 by umpire John Gaffney, a record for one game. Anson’s Whites trail the Sluggers by 3 1⁄2 games.

24th  The Brooklyn Grays rout Matt Kilroy in the 3rd inning and beat Baltimore 25–1. The run total and margin still stand as a Dodger franchise record.

26th  Black lefthander George Stovey makes his pitching debut with Jersey City of the Eastern League after being purchased from the Cuban Giants, the pioneer all-black touring team.

Dave Foutz fans 11, allows 4 hits, and triples and scores in the 10th inning to beat Cincinnati, 1–0. The win keeps St. Louis 3 games ahead of Brooklyn in the AA race.

29th Sid Farrar’s grand slam in the 4th, off John Clarkson, gives the Phillies a 4–2 decision over the White Stockings.