1870 March

26th The first game of the season is played in Brooklyn at the old Star Grounds in Carroll Park. The amateur Star Club plays a practice game against a hand picked nine, including such renowned stars as Lipman Pike, Flanley, and George Hall. Candy Cummings pitches the Stars to a 5-inning, 19–7.

27th In a letter to the editor published in today’s New York SundayMercury, Cincinnati Red Stockings’ manager Harry Wright writes about hand signals, “There is one thing I would like to see the umpire do at (a) big game, and that is, raise his hand when a man is out. You know what noise there is always when a fine play is made on the bases, and it being impossible to hear the umpire, it is always some little time before the player knows whether he is given out or not. It would very often save a great deal of bother and confusion.” (as noted by Bill Deane)