1887 March

1st  In preparation for the upcoming National Colored Base Ball League (NCBBL) season, the Falls Citys of Louisville sign Al Prater from Detroit and W.S. Purnsley from the Cuban Giants. In addition, they have recently started construction of a 2000-seat park.

8th  The NL franchise in St. Louis is sold to a group from Indianapolis for $12,000, including players. The Maroons will now become the Hoosiers. The Maroons grant the NL the rights to Billy O’Brien, who last played briefly in the Union League in 1884. Tomorrow the Senators will obtain O’Brien from the NL and he will lead the NL in homeruns this year with 19.

9th  The Kansas City Cowboys (NL) go out of business with the sale of its players to the league for $6,000. The club’s spot in the league has already been taken by Pittsburgh.

13th  After a week of conditioning in Macon, Georgia, the Detroit team begins a 6-week spring exhibition tour through the South and Midwest.