1889 March

1st  The Philadelphia Phillies head for Jacksonville, FL, for spring training. No other ML clubs will train in the Deep South this season.

3rd  Bobby Mathews goes to court to try and collect $600 that he claims is owed to him by the Athletics for his services as a “coacher” in 1888. If he collects, it will make him the first paid coach in history.

5th Both the NL and AA hold their spring meetings to adopt their schedules. The NL also hires a 5th umpire at a salary of $200 per month. The AA, to the surprise of many, does not adopt the NL’s salary classification system.

Detroit sells veteran Deacon White to Pittsburgh but the veteran reacts: “We are satisfied with the money, but we ain’t worth it. Rowe’s arm is gone [he is referring to Jack Rowe, sold by Detroit to Pittsburgh last October] I’m over 40 and my fielding ain’t so good, though I can still hit some. But I will say this, no man is going to sell my carcass unless I get half” (noted by Gerry Myerson).

7th Pittsburgh’s Billy Kuehne is arrested at his billiards parlor in Allegheny City and is charged, along with his partner Ed Morris, with running a gambling house. When the case comes to trial, the key witness fails to appear and the charges will be dropped.

8th  The touring teams play their only game in Paris, the All-Americas winning 6–2 at Parc Aristotique. Chicago SS Ned Williamson suffers a knee injury sliding on the cinder playing field, disabling him until August 14th and effectively ending his days as a top player.

12th  The Tourists play their first game in England at the Surrey County Cricket Club in Kensington Oval, London, in the presence of the Prince of Wales.

19th Columbus (AA) finally resolves its long-disputed attempt to sign 3B Spud Johnson by paying Kansas City $500.

20th A New York sporting goods house receives an order for bats, balls, and other baseball equipment from Mr. Hiroka of Tokyo. In his letter he says that baseball “has been played there for several months” and that a baseball association would soon be organized.

22nd  The All America team beats Chicago, 7–6, in England’s Old Trafford Cricket Stadium. The Manchester Guardian said the “general verdict of the more than 1,000 spectators was that the American game was ‘slow’ and ‘wanting in variety.’

23rd In front of 8,000 spectators in Liverpool, England, the traveling All Americas play a team from the Rounders Association of England in a baseball game mercifully called after one inning with the Americans ahead, 16-0. One account of the game states that there was another game played earlier that day that resulted in a tie after 5 innings (as noted by historian Dennis VanLangan who found it in the Elkhart Daily Review of March 25, 1889.)

John Ward arrives in New York, having left the world tour early, and says that he might consent to play with Washington if he receives a major portion of the $12,000 sale price. On April 2 he will kill the deal with New York by refusing to play for Washington.

24th  The minor league season opens with the California League in San Francisco and Stockton. This year’s new rules include the first legal substitution rule and the reduction of balls for a walk from 5 to 4. The substitution rule, which allows a team to designate one man to be put into the game at the captain’s discretion at the end of any inning, would soon be modified.

27th  The final game of the tour is played in Dublin. The group sails for America the next day after playing 28 games overseas.

28th Indianapolis trades P Jim “Egyptian” Healy to Washington for veteran P Jim Whitney.