1892 March

4th  The first meeting of the united NL and AA takes place in New York. Only 4 teams from the collapsed 1891 AA are invited to join the NL, which will expand to 12 teams with a 154-game schedule split into 2 championship series.

12th  A bill before the New York State Assembly seeks “To prohibit the employment of females as baseball players.”

Speaking to his local papers upon his return from the spring meeting of the new 12-team National League, new Pittsburgh Pirates President William Chase Temple comments on the designated hitter, saying: “We came very near making it a rule to exempt the pitcher from batting in a game, under a resolution which permitted such exemption, when the captain of the team notified the umpire of such desire prior to the beginning of a game. The vote stood 7 to 5 for. I looked for it to be the reverse, but Von der Ahe, whom I depended on, voted otherwise.” (as noted by John Thorn)

15th In Ocala, Florida, the Phillies, powered by Connor, Delahanty, Hamilton and Thompson beat Brooklyn in the opening of the spring training exhibition season.

30th At Georgetown College in Washington, the Senators beat the collegians, 6-1, in a seven-inning exhibition game. Senators third baseman Tommy Dowd, who attended Georgetown Law School last winter and lived at the college, scores the game’s first run with a home run. The crowd of 1,000 cheers him each time up with, “What’s wrong with Tommie Dowd?” then answering with the cheer “He’s all right.”