1893 March

1st  John Pickett wins $1,285.72 in a lawsuit against Baltimore, his most recent team. Baltimore had claimed that they did not owe him this sum —Picket’s entire 1892 salary—because he “was slow in his movement, and had a sore arm which incapacitated him from being of service to the club.”

4th  Andrew Carnegie donates a plot of land for the construction of a ball field in Braddock, PA.

7th  In arguably the most significant rule change in ML history, the NL eliminates the pitching box and adds a pitcher’s rubber 5 feet behind the previous back line of the box, establishing the modern pitching distance of 60 feet 6 inches. In addition, bats flattened on one side to facilitate bunting are banned. In 1893, the League-Association batting average will jump 35 points and teams will score an average of 1.47 more runs per game. (As noted by David Nemec in The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Major League Baseball).

11th Jack Boyle is traded by the New York Giants, along with cash and Jack Sharrott, to the Phillies for Roger Connor. Connor, the future Hall of Famer, will have a solid year and half in New York before being traded to St. Louis.

16th St. Louis hands Bob Caruthers his release. The sore-armed Caruthers, who twice won 40 games in a season, was 2-10 last year, and had not adjusted well to the new pitching distance.

25th  Louisville is forced to transfer its only three Sunday games because the suburb of Parkland, in which the Colonels’ new ballpark is located, does not permit Sunday play.