1898 March

1st At a league meeting in St. Louis, Reds president Brush pushes through his resolution to “suppress obscene, indecent, and vulgar language on the ball field by players.” There is considerable discussion, but it passes unanimously.

8th The St. Louis Globe Democrat comments that certain players will have to take precautions to avoid penalty for rowdy conduct. Names mentioned are Patsy Tebeau, Scrappy Joyce, Hugh Jennings, Joe Kelley, Jack “Dirty” Doyle, Fred Clarke, Mike Griffin, Hugh Duffy, and Mike Grady.

12th  Former umpire Tim Hurst arrives in St. Louis to take over management of the Browns. The team will have spring practice at West Baden Springs, IN.

17th Baltimore manager Ned Hanlon has a dilemma in that one-half of his players agree to go to Macon, Georgia, for spring practice, while others, including Willie Keeler and Joe Kelley, want to stay up north. Kelley also wants his salary raised from $2,700 to $2,800. Pitcher Joe Corbett threatens to hold out.

Bill Lange offers to give up his position as captain of the Chicago team so that Bill Dahlen might have the job. Tom Burns, the new manager, says no decision has been reached on the matter.

27th Scrappy Joyce, new manager of the NY Giants, says facetiously that if the U.S. Army runs out of cannons in the conflict with Spain, he will loan his hard throwing pitching staff of Amos Rusie, Cy Seymour, Jouett Meekin, and Ed Doheny.