1907 March

4th  A judgment of $52,000 is awarded to the Baltimore club from Brooklyn. When Baltimore left the NL in 1903, Brooklyn agreed to pay $40,000 for the franchise but never did. The award includes interest.

6th  The first suit for damages resulting from the Phillies’ 1903 ballpark disaster ends with the acquittal of club owners A. J. Reach and John Rogers.

28th  Popular Boston Americans OF Chick Stahl, who replaced his best friend Jimmy Collins as manager of the now named Red Sox at the end of the 1906 season, commits suicide in West Baden Springs, IN as the team is barnstorming their way back from Little Rock, Arkansas. After breakfast he returns to his room, which he shared with Collins, and drinks 4 oz. of carbolic acid. There are various accounts for the reason he committed the suicide ranging from suggestions of a homosexual relationship, Stahl’s fragile personality given to depressions, and a blackmailing pregnant girl friend of the recently wed Stahl. Cy Young reluctantly agrees to start the season as Boston’s manager and has a 3-3 record when he steps down, replaced by scout George Huff. He skippers the team to a 2-6 record before realizing he’d rather be scouting and in a few months will sign Tris Speaker for $750. Huff will later go on to coach at the University of Illinois. Boston will have two other managers during the year.

29th  Boston OF Cozy Dolan, who played the full schedule of NL games in 1906, dies of typhoid fever in Louisville. The Doves cancel the remainder of their spring training schedule.

30th The Sporting Life reprints an article from the Chicago Tribuneon hand signals: “The Tribune’s’ agitation for a system of umpire’s gestures to indicate decisions seems to be as far-reaching as popular. Chief Zimmer has been using signs for balls and strikes and delighting New Orleans patrons. Today Collins, who officiated here, adopted the same system and used it successfully, with the result the crowd forgave him for not calling everything the local twirler pitched a ‘strike.’ To date Hank O’Day appears to be the only opponent of the idea.”