1911 March


3rd Writing in The Sporting News, Tim Murnane observes the Red Sox decision to train in Redondo Beach, California: “I am now satisfied that training a ball team at a Pacific resort is not as good a way as a little early work at Hot Springs of Arkansas.” This will be the only spring training for the Sox on the Coast.

8th In a spring training game, the Red Sox lose to St. Mary’s College of Oakland, 1-0, when third baseman Wallace lines an 8thinning homer off Hugh Bedient.

12th  Former A’s infielder Simon Nicholls, 28, dies of typoid fever.

15th  In Hot Springs, Arkansas, Cy Young announces his retirement, declaring himself too old and too fat to contribute. He’ll reconsider and play this season.

16th  At Hot Springs, the Reds beat the St. Louis Browns, 8-1. Browns manager Wallace’s statement that the team would seek another training site for next year is denied. He wants a separate field from other teams.

17th  Plumbers at work on the drain pipes at Washington’s ballpark start a fire that burns down the grandstand. Since the water has been shut off, fireman can do nothing. Stands will be rebuilt to play the home opener on schedule.

24th  Matthew Stanley Robison, president of the Cardinals, dies unexpectedly. He leaves the club and the bulk of his estate to his niece, Mrs. Helene Hathaway Britton, who will become the first female owner of a ML club.

27th  In Atlanta, the Yankees beat the Crackers, 10-8, with 13 of the runs scoring in the 3rd inning.

28th At Baltimore, the Philadelphia Athletics demolish the Orioles, 18-4, scoring 11 runs in the 9th off Pope.

Larry Doyle’s 9th inning single drives in the go-ahead run as the Giants nip Birmingham, 7-6.

29th  Jack Knight’s hitting and base-running leads the Yankees to a 4-1 win over Birmingham. The locals only run off Caldwell is unearned.

31st In Nashville, the Yankees tune up for a match against the Cincinnati Reds by thrashing the Nashville team (Southern L) 10-0 behind the pitching of Quinn and Caldwell.