1930 March

8th  Babe Ruth signs a 2-year contract for $160,000 with New York. At $80,000 per year, he is the highest paid player of all time. When it is pointed out he is earning more money than the President of the United States, Ruth observes: “I had a better year than he did.” Ed Barrow, Yankee GM, assures posterity, “No one will ever be paid more than Ruth.”

9th  At Houston, the White Sox collect 18 hits, including a pair of homers by rookie Jimmy Moore, as they batter the Giants, 12-5.

19th  At St. Petersburg, the Cards collect 5 straight hits in the 9th against Tom Zachary, who is making his 1930 debut. The Birds score 4 of the runners and win, 7-3. New manager Bob Shawkey rates his AL opponents by saying that he thinks, “the Yankees and A’s will meet on even terms,” with Detroit in 3rd place, Cleveland 4th and the Browns 5th. Following are Chicago, Washington and Boston. His Yanks will finish in 3rd place, 16 games behind the winning Athletics, and 8 behind Washington.

20th In an extra-inning game against the Cardinals, Yankee 20-year-old pitcher Lefty Gomez is hit in the mouth by a line drive, breaking his front teeth. He will still make the team after crowns are put in. However, the crown work will have to be redone in 1931 with the Yankees picking up the $1500 tab.