1942 March

1st Can players in the military play for the clubs if on furlough or based near a game site? Owners decide against it.

4th The Cuban all-stars beat the Dodgers, 2–1, in Havana.

The Reds issue a warning to fans not to tip the ushers at Crosley Field.

5th Variety, the week entertainment newspaper, wades in against “droopy drawers” in baseball. “Joe DiMaggio and Carl Hubbell are the silliest looking pair we’ve seen. Way back in the days when the speed boys were stealing 40 to 90 bases a year, you’ll remember they used to roll their pants just below the knee. Now they’ve got ‘em almost to their shoes. The theory here is that the constriction inherent in the new style can slow a player a full stride getting to first.”

Phil’s manager Hans Lobert wants the “lies” dropped from the team’s nickname “Phillies”. “We’ve been at the bottom of the standing so long the syllable seems to imply we’re lying dormant. Besides, it confuses us with a cheroot. I don’t like it,” he explains in The Sporting News. “It may sound a bit far fetched, but it’s going to be the Phils from now on.”

6th In Havana, the Dodgers beat the Cuban all-stars, 6–4, in 11 innings, though manager Leo Durocher is not around at the end. He is chased in the 9th after arguing with the umps. The Dodgers win tomorrow and split a doubleheader on the 8th.

7th   The Cuban all-stars make it 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers, scoring 2 in the 9th to win, 4–2.

The Yankees beat the Cardinals, 3–2, with Tommy Henrich driving in all the New York runs.

8th In Florida, Montreal club officials announce one of the odder trades in history. The Royals are sending Big Bill O’Brien, their trainer for 15 years, to the Dodgers in exchange for their muscle manipulator, Charles “Doc” Wilson. O’Brien has also been the trainer for the Montreal Maroons hockey team.

In a charity game at Gilmore Field in Hollywood, CA, three Chicago players lead a team of major Leaguers to a 3–2 win over a team of coast players. Taft Wright’s 2-run homer is the big blow. The go-ahead run comes in the 3rd when Lou Stringer’s single is followed by Lou Novikoff’s double. Seven thousand fans are on hand.

In Havana, the Cuban All-stars and the Dodgers split a pair before 12,418. The Dodgers win the opener, 6–3, then lose, 3–0.

Pinch hitter Buddy Blair strikes out with the bases loaded in the 9thand the Philadelphia Athletics drop their 3rd straight to the PCL San Diego Padres. The final is 5–4.

18th Two black players, Jackie Robinson and Nate Moreland, request a tryout with the Chicago White Sox during spring training at Pasadena. Manager Jimmie Dykes allows them to work out but dismisses the two without an offer.

21st The Sporting News quotes a spokesman for Cubs owner Wrigley on night baseball. “If the fans do not come out in satisfactory numbers, especially to the Sunday doubleheaders we’ve scheduled, then the organization will take it that they want night ball, and we’ll give it to them.” The Cubs are collecting equipment for night baseball, including shipping transformers from Catalina Island.

23rd The Dodgers bring the mustachioed Frenchy Bordagaray back to Brooklyn, buying the veteran 1B from the Yankees. Reportedly, Frenchy became expendable when he told manager Joe McCarthy that Casey Stengel could’ve won 15 pennants with the Yankee personnel.

29th The Cards beat the Yankees, 3–2. to win the championship of St. Petersburg, 6 games to 3. The Yanks have been tied but never beaten since 1926, when they dropped the local series to the Braves.