1944 March

1st The Browns send veteran C Rick Ferrell to Washington for Gene Moore and cash.

4th The woeful Phillies announce their new nickname—the Blue Jays. The winning entry in the contest was submitted by a Mrs. Elizabeth Crooks, and was chosen over a number of names ranging from Daisies to Stinkers. President Carpenter says he hopes to have the farm system identified by the same blue color, with the Wilmington club called the Blue Rocks and possibly the New Bradford team as the Blue Wings. The Blue Jays will be the unofficial team name for 1944-45 but abandoned in 1946, though the team will still occasionally be referred to in newspaper accounts as the Blue Jays through 1949. Ms. Crooks wins a $100 war bond and a season ticket to the Blue Jays.

8th The Detroit Tigers invite 6 foot 11 inch Ralph Siewert to spring training in Evansville, IN.

15th In Maryland, the Senators start training with 5 knuckleballers likely to make the staff: Dutch Leonard, Roger Wolff, Mickey Haefner, John Niggeling, and Bill Lefebvre. Pity catcher Rick Ferrell, who will have to corral the flutterballs.

17th Due to war-time restrictions, the Red Sox open training camp at Tufts College in Medford, MA with 4 players showing up. Their real opening day for training will be on March 26, in Baltimore.

25th The Negro League Chicago American Giants leave to train in Memphis. The Cleveland Buckeyes are in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the Kansas City Monarchs in Houston, and the Indianapolis Clowns are in Montgomery, Alabama. The Monarchs will be at Pelican Park in New Orleans for an Easter exhibition against the Cuban Giants (as noted in the Chicago Defender).

29th Oakland loans Los Angeles 3 players for a PCL exhibition game after 5 Los Angeles players suffer various injuries in an automobile accident. Los Angeles beats Oakland 6–2.

30th Branch Rickey suggests pooling of surplus players if ML 4F players are drafted for military service. Nothing comes of the suggestion.