1950 March

2th After losing yesterday, 5-3, the Indians tomahawk the Giants, 18-6, at Tucson in a game in which 8 balks are called. The series between these two teams started in 1934 and coming in to this season the Indians held an 88-83 advantage.

14th At Vero Beach, the Dodgers collect only two hits—both by Wayne Belardi—but beat their Mobile farm hands, 4-1. All four runs are unearned.

15th The first grand slams of the Grapefruit League season are struck by Gerry Coleman and Joe Collins in the Yankees 23-6 win over the Phillies in Clearwater.

26th The Red Sox sell pitcher Jack Kramer to the Giants for $25,000. Kramer will charge the Sox with railroading him out of the league because of his differences with manager Joe McCarthy. Kramer will go 1-3 for the Giants before they release him on May 19, and the Yankees will pick him up 9 days later. He’ll match his 1-3 mark before being released on August 30th.

In Florida, Cardinals pitcher Ted Wilks advocates widening the plate from 17 inches to 20 inches. “What happens now? We come up with curves, sliders, knucklers and floaters and sometimes we miss by an inch or two. When the count gets to 3 balls and 2 strikes a pitcher must cut the next one pretty fine. He can’t miss the plate or it means a walk for the batter, and at the same time he’s leveling for those short home run fences.”

It’s a knockout as the Portland Beavers (PCL) edge Hollywood, 4-3, in 10 innings. Hollywood ties it in the 9th when Bob Bundy attempts to score from 3B on a sac fly, banging into Portland catcher Jim Gladd and jarring the ball loose. He also knocks himself out, laying a scant foot from home plate while Gladd searches for the ball. Bundy revives briefly, rolls onto the plate to tie the score, and passes out again.