1953 March

3rd  The Boston Braves, who own the Milwaukee minor league franchise, block the Browns’ attempt to shift their franchise to Milwaukee. Lou Perini, Braves owner, invokes his territorial privilege, stating he has not been offered enough.

11th  Lou Perini, the owner of the Braves, proposes a ban on the move of any ML franchise to that of a minor league city until October 1st.

13th  The NL weighs the offer by the Braves to move its franchise to Milwaukee.

Baltimore Mayor Tom D’Alesandro reports that negotiations with Veeck are underway to move the Browns to Maryland.

14th  Mayor Joseph Darst of St. Louis vows to fight the move of the Browns to Baltimore.

16th  The AL rejects Veeck’s request to move the Browns to Baltimore because he is in control of the team. Spearheaded by Washington owner Clark Griffith, the vote is 6–2 against. The rejection is designed to force Veeck out of the AL.

17th  Veeck says that he will accept an offer of $2.475 million for his 80 percent of the stock. Baltimore Mayor D’Alesandro seeks a syndicate to buy Veeck out. The group will eventually purchase 206,250 shares at $12 per share, a total purchase price of $2,475,000.

The Braves club gets the use of Milwaukee County Stadium at a low rental.

18th  The Boston Braves become the Milwaukee Braves, the first franchise shift in baseball since 1903 when Baltimore moved to New York. The Braves have been in Boston for 77 years. Milwaukee assumes Pittsburgh’s place in the Western Division for scheduling purposes and night games. The Brewers move to Toledo.

20th  Senator Edwin C. Johnson offers a bill to give clubs the sole right to ban radio-TV broadcasts of ML games in their own territory. The Antitrust Division of the Justice Department outlawed this practice in 1949. Johnson believes that it started the decline of baseball in small towns and cities throughout the country. His bill will restore the equity between large communities and the small areas.

24th  Larry Raines, on leave from military service, plays his first game for the Hankyu Braves. He will stay for the 1954 season, return in 1962, and will end his Japanese career with a batting average of .302.

25th The Browns sign free agent Bob Elliott. The veteran third baseman will play just 48 games before being dealt to the White Sox.