1957 March

6th  The Dodgers Walter O’Malley confers with Los Angeles Mayor Norris Poulson and other officials of the city.

2nd  Today’s edition of the Saturday Evening Post features a baseball cover entitled “The Rookie”, by Norman Rockwell. The gawky rookie appears to be Mickey McDermott, while the veterans are Sammy White, Frank Sullivan, Jackie Jensen and Billy Goodman, all of whom posed for Rockwell. Also pictured Is Ted Williams, who allowed his likeness to be used but did not pose. Ironically, McDermott was traded to the Senators for Jensen.

11th  Representative Emanuel Celler, whose committee investigated baseball, calls Ford Frick a “czar” who wishes to “gag” officials; Frick had cautioned ML owners about commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision on pro football coming under antitrust rules.

18th  In what is believed to be the largest offer for a player ever made, the Indians reject a million-dollar offer for lefty Herb Score from Red Sox GM Joe Cronin. Cleveland GM Hank Greenberg refuses, saying that the team is interested in building for the future, not in selling its best ballplayers.

21st  Television Age reports that the major leagues will get $9.3 million for TV-radio rights in 1957.

23rd At LA’s Wrigley Field, Willie Mays belts two homers to lead the Giants to a 9–3 Cactus League win over the Indians. Bill Rigney fines Hank Thompson $150 for missing last night’s exhibition win over the Indians in San Diego.