1980 March

6th  Brewers manager George Bamberger suffers a heart attack at the club’s Sun City, AZ, training camp. Coach Buck Rodgers is named interim manager for Bamberger, who will undergo quintuple coronary bypass surgery on March 26th and will not return to the dugout until June 6th.

8th  Rangers owner Brad Corbett agrees to sell the club to a group of investors headed by Fort Worth businessman Eddie Chiles.

      While waiting for the team bus outside his hotel during the Cleveland Indians 3-game exhibition series against the Mexico City Reds, rookie OF Joe Charboneau is stabbed by a crazed fan wielding a ballpoint pen. The pen penetrates one inch and strikes a rib, sidelining Charboneau for 4 days, but he will recover to win the AL Rookie of the Year award.

10th  The National Labor Relations Board rules in favor of the umpires’ union in its dispute with the National League. The union had demanded that the NL release its umpire evaluations, particularly those of the “scabs” who were retained after filling in for striking umpires in 1979.

12th  Slugger Chuck Klein and former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Special Veterans Committee. Yawkey is the first club owner selected who never served as a player, manager, or general manager.

31st  The Expos trade 1B-OF Rusty Staub to the Rangers for IF Chris Smith and OF LaRue Washington.