1988 March

1st  For the first time since 1956 the Special Veterans Committee does not elect anyone to the Hall of Fame. Phil Rizzuto, Leo Durocher, Joe Gordon, and Gil Hodges are among the candidates passed over.

5th  The Expos sign free agent Otis Nixon, who played the last three seasons with Cleveland.

11th  Angels manager Gene Mauch, 62, takes a leave of absence for health reasons and is replaced by Cookie Rojas. Mauch will announce his retirement on March 27th.

17th  Newly acquired Yankee Jack Clark tears a tendon in his calf while hitting a home run in a spring training game against the Orioles and will miss the start of the regular season.

19th  The San Francisco Giants trade Rod Scurry to Seattle Mariners for a player to be named later; Donell Nixon on June 23rd.

21st  The Phillies trade 3B Rick Schu and outfielders Jeff Stone and Keith Hughes to the Orioles for OF Mike Young.

23rd  The San Francisco Giants trade minor leaguer Charlie Corbell to Oakland Athletics for minor league reliever Rod Beck. Starting in 1991, Beck will have seven stellar seasons in San Francisco.

24th  Look at the numbers. The Twins trade Billy Beane to the Detroit Tigers for Balvino Galvez.

26th  The Pirates trade catcher Mackey Sasser and Tim Drummond to the New York Mets in exchange for Randy Milligan and Scott Henion.

30th  Reds OF Eddie Milner is suspended for the 1988 season by Commissioner Ueberroth after suffering a relapse of his cocaine problem. The suspension will be lifted June 19 after Milner completes a drug rehab program.

      The New York Yankees trade 1B Orestes Destrade to the Pirates for 34-year-old reliever Hipolito Pena. Destrade, stuck behind Mattingly at 1B, asked to be traded.