1990 March

4th  The St. Petersburg Pelicans get home runs from Lamar Johnson and Steve Kemp and rout the West Palm Beach Tropics 12–4 to win the first-ever championship of the Senior Professional Baseball Association.

7th  Former ML pitcher Mickey McDermott wins $5.7 million in the Arizona Lottery. As he relates the story to the Phoenix New Times, “Let me tell you how this happened, I was on a barstool for two days and finally I went home to sleep it off. I’m not a kid anymore. It takes me time to get over a hangover. Pretty soon, my wife Betty wakes me up and orders me into the living room. ‘I want you to sit up and listen to something I’ve got to tell you,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t figure what was so important. Was she going to leave me? Did I accidentally kill the cat? `We’ve just won the lottery,’ she tells me. `Our share will be almost $6 million. Mickey McDermott, you are one lucky Irish son of a bitch!’” McDermott gives up drinking as one result of his good fortune. In August 2016, former reliever Don Stanhouse will win $5 million in the Texas Lottery game Mega Millions.

15th  ML owners refuse to open the spring training camps without a new Basic Agreement with the Players’ Association, beginning a lockout that will last 32 days and postpone the start of the regular season by one week.

24th  Former Red Sox slugger Tony Conigliaro dies of pneumonia and kidney failure at the age of 45. Conigliaro was the youngest ML player ever to reach 100 career home runs, and then he was nearly blinded by a 1967 beaning.

27th  For the 2nd time in 3 years, the Special Veterans Committee chooses not to elect a single player to the Hall of Fame in its annual balloting.


18th  The players and owners reach a new collective-bargaining agreement that will end the 32-day lockout of spring training camps. Highlights of the deal include increasing the clubs’ contributions to the players’ pension fund, raising the minimum ML salary to $100,000, and a compromise on salary arbitration that leaves 17 percent of players with between 2 and 3 years of ML experience eligible.

22nd  The ML umpires announce that they will boycott exhibition games to protest not having been consulted in the revision of the regular season schedule after the lockout. They will return to work on April 1st.

28th  A plan to allow starting pitchers to earn victories with only 3 innings pitched (because of the abbreviated spring training period) is scrapped, but teams will be allowed to open the regular season with 27-man rosters instead of the allowed maximum of 25.