1857 May

13th  A convention is held in Dedham, MA, attended by representatives of 10 New England baseball clubs. Under the name of “Massachusetts Association of Base Ball Players,” playing rules are adopted to illustrate the differences between New England baseball and the “New York Game.” Rule four: 2 bases shall be wooden stakes, 4 feet high. Rule 14: If a player is hit with a thrown ball while rounding the bases, he shall be considered out. Other rules specify 100 runs will constitute a game and each side shall consist of 10 to 14 players. Thus is the New England game set down differently than the New York game. Earlier in the year, the New York Game rules were changed at a meeting of a group of clubs. The Knickerbocker Club recommended that a winner be declared after seven innings but nine innings were adopted instead upon the motion of Lewis F. Wadsworth. The base paths were fixed by D. L. Adams at 30 yards and the pitching distance at 15 yards. It was Adams who, in 1849, invented the position of SS by moving the 4th outfielder into the infield.