1867 May

1st  Bat and Ball magazine, in its second year of publication, reports in its May 1 issue that in a game played in San Francisco on February 22 the Eagles routed the Pacifics, 70–22. The editorial in the 4-page publication states “this season, which is now opening, bids fair to be one of the most exciting that our National Game is likely to know.” Another article urges umpires to be more diligent in insuring that pitchers throw where the strikers indicate they want the pitches to be.

4th  Princeton wins the first game of its series with Yale, 58–52.

15th On the Boston Common, the first of three games for the championship of New England is played. The Lowell Club, holder of the Silver Ball Trophy, defeats the Harvard Club, 37–28. Harvard will win the next match.