1872 May

4th  A cold, blustery day in Philadelphia does not deter 5,000 spectators who turn out to see the season’s first game between last year’s champions, the Athletics, and the number one contender, the Boston Reds. Philadelphia scores 6 in the 7th inning to win the game 10–7.

9thThe drawing power of the regular pro clubs and the co-operative clubs is shown as 500 fans witness the Boston Reds defeating the Eckfords of Brooklyn, 20–0. The co-ops, or teams whose players are paid using the team’s share of the gate receipts, are the Atlantics, Olympics, Nationals, Mansfields, and the Eckfords. Indications are that the people are not willing to spend fifty cents to witness games in which the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

20th  A dispute stops play in the Baltimore-Athletics game. With one out and Mike McGeary on 2B and Adrian “Cap” Anson on 1B, Anson is thrown out at 2B on an attempted steal on a pitch that gives the batter a base on balls. The umpire calls Anson out on the grounds that he attempted to steal before Denny Mack received the pitch, a ball, entitling him to his base. During the argument, McGeary steps off 3B and is tagged out, ending the inning. A great uproar starts and the game is stopped. The game will be replayed.

29th  The first game to be played in Chicago since the Great Fire is played on the new grounds of the Chicago Base Ball Association before an enthusiastic crowd of 4,000. Baltimore defeats Cleveland, 5–3.