1880 May

1st  Opening Day in the NL. In Cincinnati, the Chicagos spoil the official opening of the new park by beating the Reds 4–3 with 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th.Two runs come on a homer by Mike Kelly and two on an error by SS Sam Wright. This is the first pro game ended in “sudden death,” as the old rules required that the full inning be played out even if the team batting last was already ahead.

2ndThe Cleveland club gives up its appeal and pays its $50 license fee to the city, while still complaining about being treated “like a circus,” i.e. the transient business.

4th  Boston wins its home opener against Providence, 4–3, thanks largely to a 3-run homer by Curry Foley.

5th  Back at home, Providence turns the tables and beats Boston, 1–0, on a run that comes around from 1B when a throw by P Tommy bond hits the batter running to first base.

7th  George Gore of Chicago goes 6-for-6—all singles—with 5 runs scored as the White Stockings trounce Cincinnati 20–7. Gore will lead the NL in batting with a .360 average.

10th  Jim “Pud” Galvin wires the Buffalo club from San Francisco, accepting terms to play for the Bisons despite his contract to play in the California League.

13th In a 1-0 loss to Cincinnati,  Cleveland’s Al Hall suffers a season-ending broken leg in an OF collision with teammate Pete Hotaling. A 7thinning double is Cleveland’s only hit off Reds P Will White, who benefits from a 9thinning triple and score by batterymate John Clapp. A benefit will be played on May 17ththat will net Al Hall about $400, but this will not offset his loss of salary.

17th  Worcester jumps on Boston’s Bond for 11 runs in the first innings and hangs on to win, 19-10. Jack Burdock is 5-for-5 for the Reds.

18th  Corcoran returns to the pitcher’s box for Chicago as the Whites rally to beat Cleveland, 10–6. The Cleveland second baseman Fred Dunlap is 5-for-5but becomes rattled by Chicago’s baserunning at a critical time and misses 2 double plays.

20th  Chicago captain Cap Anson begins using hurlers Larry Corcoran and Fred Goldsmith in alternating games, thereby establishing the first “pitching rotation” ever.

21st  In Albany’s Riverside Park, Lip Pike hits a ball over the wall and into the river. RF Lon Knight begins to go after the ball in a boat but gives up. Few parks have ground rules about giving the batter an automatic HR on a hit over the fence.

22nd  Jim Galvin makes his first appearance of the season for Buffalo, beating Cincinnati 2–1. Galvin had difficulty leaving California, where he was forced to walk 36 miles at one point to avoid local detectives who were trying to hold him to his California League contract.

24th  Troy City rookie Roger Connor hits his first ML home run, off Boston’s Tommy bond. He adds a triple and two singles as the Trojans beat the Red Caps, 8–1. When Connor retires in 1897 he will have 136 homers, a record that will stand until Ruth breaks it in 1921.

The last place Reds trim Buffalo, 17-4. Buffalo center fielder Bill Crowley has 4 assists in the game to set the ML record. He’ll do it again August 27 against Boston.

25th  At a special meeting in Niagara Falls, Providence tries unsuccessfully to get Troy expelled from the league for failing to stay over in Providence for a makeup game on May 17. The league awards a forfeit of the game to Providence.

26th   Sam Crane, disabled by a hand injury, is released as a player and captain of the Buffalo Bisons but remains in charge of the team under the new title of manager.

27th  Fred Goldsmith and Chicago shut out Buffalo on 2 hits. The 11–0 win extends the Whites’ streak to 13 games, a new NL record.

29th  With George Wright in its lineup, Boston upsets Chicago 11–10. Wright scores 2 runs and fields flawlessly, but will play no more games because of protests from Providence, which still has him “reserved.” The loss snaps Chicago’s win streak of 13, which they will top in a little more than a month (June 2–July 8).

31st  Providence captain Mike McGeary, who has played poorly, is given a “30-day vacation” by the club. The team has a disappointing 8-7 record as 20-year-old Monte Ward takes over as captain.