1902 May

1st Mathewson pitches his 2nd shutout of the year against Philadelphia, this time allowing just two Quaker hits while striking out 8. Matty also has 2 hits and cracks his first ML homer, off Cy Vorhees, to win 3–0.

Boston beats Baltimore, 6-4 and John McGraw is tossed in the 9thafter being hit on the butt with a pitch only to have umpire Sheridan say he didn’t try to avoid the pitch. Sheridan also upsets the crowd with a foul call on a ball. After the game a fan heaves a brick at the ump but hits a policeman instead.

At Washington, Sock Seybold hits a 6th inning grand slam as the A’s beat the Senators, 6-3.

An article in the Washington Post states the following: “The new rule adopted by the National League which prohibits a player from taking first on being hit by a slow pitch is bound to add to the trouble of the umpires.”

2nd At Boston, the Orioles tag Cy Young for 6 runs in the first inning and the ace is folded. Baltimore scores another 8 runs off reliever George Prentiss (who pitched as George Wilson last year) to win 14–6. Baltimore likes Prentiss so much they will purchase him in June.

4th  The AL suspends John McGraw for 5 days for rowdyism on the field May 1st. To show how evenhanded the AL is, Detroit catcher Fritz Buelow is suspended for 5 days for the same reason. McGraw will use the time to go scouting.

George Schultz, manager of the Ermine club in the Syracuse city league, is electrocuted when he touches a grandstand fence that had accidentally been charged by an electrical wire.

6th  A circuit court in St. Louis rules that the NL reserve clause is unfairly restrictive on 3 defectors. who jumped to the Browns. The injunction brought by the NL is denied, thus allowing Wallace, Harper and Heidrick to stay as Browns. Inability to retrieve jumpers gives the NL a strong push to reconcile differences with the AL.

7th  Elmer Flick signs with Cleveland. Sporting Life says that A’s officials “presumably consented” to the move. The presumption is cash.

The Cubs Jack Taylor beats Christy Mathewson 4–0 at Chicago’s West Side Grounds. Taylor gives up just 2 hits, while Matty allows five. Following a Giants’ protest tomorrow that Taylor was pitching from in front of the rubber, this game will later be ruled invalid and all the records will be thrown out, including Taylor’s win and Matty’s loss.

8th Chicago again tops the Giants, winning 10–4. Cubs manager Frank Selee comments that the distance from the pitcher’s mound to the plate looks short. Horace Fogel, the Giants manager, measures the distance and finds the lane is 15 inches short. New York protests and it is upheld on June 3rd. The two games are ordered replayed and the Giants will win them both.

Bill Dugglesby, the first jumper to return to the Phillies, loses, 2–1, to St. Louis. Dugglesby, who made $1200 last year and jumped to the A’s for $2200, jumped back for $24000. Dummy Taylor rejoins the Giants after jumping to Cleveland (AL) and will go 1–3. Returnee Chick Fraser will win his first start on May 23rd, 5–2 over Chicago. Harry Wolverton will return after 59 games with the Washington Nationals. All others will remain with their new teams. Of all those that the Athletics acquired, only Monte Cross stays.

At Detroit, the Browns beat the Tigers, 5-0, behind the 2-hit pitching of Jack Powell. Both hits are by opposing pitcher Ed Siever.

13th The Reds roll over the visiting Phillies, 24–2, with each of the 9 players in the lineup collecting at least 2 hits. Winning pitcher Bill Phillips has 4 as Cincinnati totals 28 hits. It is the highest score in the ML this year. Just 400 fans watch.

Chicago defeats Brooklyn, 2–0, though they make only one hit off Bill Robinson. Miller’s single in the 6th is part of a rally that includes a walk and two errors. Jock Menefee, the winning pitcher, scores one of the runs after he is safe on an error by Donovan. Chicago 3B Charlie Dexter pulls off a hidden ball trick in the 7th inning on Bill Dahlen.

Arthur Hall, 23-year-old shortstop for St. Joseph (Western League) is struck by lightning while leaving the field when the game is called on account of rain. He is expected to recover.

14th New York batters Cardinal pitcher Mike Joyce for 14 hits sending the Irish-born hurler to a 10–7 loss. St. Louis manages 9 hits off Christy Mathewson, the winning pitcher. New York is a distant third to the leading Pirates (19–3).

Without a goodbye to his St. Louis teammates, Davy Jones jumps the Browns for a better offer from the Chicago Nationals. He takes a train from St. Louis in the morning and plays in the 3-2 win over Brooklyn. Jones was hitting .224 for St. Louis and will improve to .305 this year in Chicago.

15th Bill Dahlen has had better days. Besides making 4 errors, one good for 3 bases, he gets tripped in the 12th inning by Cubs third baseman, Charlie Dexter, and has to stay at 3B. There is only one umpire, Bob Emslie, who didn’t see the play. Brooklyn fails to score and in the bottom of the inning Jack Taylor, pitching in relief, singles in the winning run and Chicago wins, 8-7. Each team scores 3 runs in the 9th. Newly added CF Davy Jones, who jumped from the Browns, has a single and a run scored.

16th   Two deaf-mutes face each other for the first time and only time when Dummy Hoy leads off for the Reds against Dummy Taylor of the Giants. Leadoff batter Hoy greets Taylor with “I’m glad to see you” in sign language. The Giants win 5–3 with a 5-run rally in the 9th. Hoy goes 2-for-4, the only Reds batter to collect 2 hits.

The Browns Dick Padden has the lone hit against White Sox hurler Wiley Piatt as Chicago wins, 2-1.

Boston’s Tenney and Pittsburgh manager Clarke get into a fight in the 8th inning of Pittsburgh’s 5-1 win. Both are ejected. Pittsburgh also releases pitcher George Merritt, 3-0 last year. His release is not a result of threats to enforce the 16-man rule, but rather that Clarke did not need him.

17th The Reds take one from the Giants, defeating Christy Mathewson, 6–1. Bill Phillips scatters 6 hits to win.

The Boston Americans drop a 7-4 decision to the visiting Athletics in 10 innings. The A’s smack 4 consecutive singles in the 10th off Bill Dinneen to score 3. Lave Cross is 5-for-5 while Harry Davis has 2 doubles and triple.

Ban Johnson says the AL is no longer trying to retain Lajoie, Bernhard and Fraser but is letting them return to the NL. “We are willing to fight their battles for them, but they were afraid to take any chances in the courts. All we can do is let them go.”

18th White Sox pitcher Nixey Callahan has 5 hits against St. Louis, the 2nd of a ML-record 3 times he’ll do it. But his White Sox don’t follow suit in a 17-inning 2–2 tie, the AL’s longest game to date. Callahan knocks in both runs for Chicago.

At Detroit, Cleveland follows yesterday’s 14-0 whitewash by scoring 11 runs, but Detroit wins 19-11 in a game called with 2 outs in the 7th because of a storm. Cleveland scores 5 in the 3rd on 4 errors and 3 hits but Detroit gets on the board by scoring in the 4th on Deacon McGuire’s grand slam, then plating 5 runs in each of the next three frames.

Cy Vorhees, who pitched earlier this year for the Phillies, makes his AL debut with Washington and allows 11 hits in a 6-2 loss to the Philadelphia A’s. Bert Husting and Eddie Plank combine to hold the Nationals to 5 hits. For Vorhees, it is his last ML game as it is as well for Husting. The 24-year-old Husting got married on August 27th and took his wife on a honeymoon trip to Chicago and St. Louis with the team. Unimpressed, she urged Husting to quit baseball for a more stable life, which will be being a lawyer in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Husting was 14-5 with the A’s this year.

19th The board of control of the NL decides to indefinitely postpone the enforcement of the 16-man limit rule.

21st At Pittsburgh, the Giants top the leading Pirates, 5–2, with Christy Mathewson winning in relief. Matty takes over for Dummy Taylor in the 7th, allows a tying run to score, then scores the winning run himself in the 8th.

22nd In a 6–0 loss to Pittsburgh, Giants’ star George Van Haltren, age 36, snaps a small bone near his right ankle while stealing second base. Van Haltren is done for the season, and will play only 80 more big league games.

23rd Cleveland financier Charles Somers, who is also the president of the Boston club, meets with Lajoie in Philadelphia and guarantees him a 4-year contract at $7,000 per year no matter what the legal outcome of his case. Lajoie had played one game, then sat in the stands. In 1903, Cleveland fans will vote to rename the club the Naps in honor of Lajoie.

In Pittsburgh’s 7-2 win in Chicago, Wid Conroy gets into a fistfight with Chicago’s Joe Tinker, in the 4th inning after the shortstop pushes Conroy off the bag at 2B. Both players land blows. The fight continues the ill will of yesterday when Conroy spiked one Chicago player and blocked Tinker on the base paths. League president John Brush hands Tinker a three-game suspension and slaps Conroy with a 20-game suspension. Owner Barney Dreyfuss appeals the ruling, but the prexy brushes off the complaint.

24th  In a 15–9 slugfest win against Philadelphia, Bill Bradley, Cleveland 3B, is the AL’s first to hit a homer in 4 consecutive games, a record not matched until Babe Ruth does it June 25, 1918. Last-place Cleveland scores 6 runs in the top of the 11th for the victory. The Athletics (14-11) are in 5th place, but just a half game out of 1st.

In a 6-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers, Baltimore’s John McGraw is severely spiked by Dick Harley and will miss five weeks of action.

30th In front of a Polo Grounds crowd of 26,000, the Phillies sweep two from the Giants, winning 5–3 and 6–0.

Baltimore’s Roger Bresnahan connects for two inside-the-park homers in the opening 12–4 win against Cleveland. He’ll repeat the performance with the Giants in 1904. Baltimore wins the 2ndgame the same way, 10–7.

The Cleveland Blues send Candy LaChance to the Boston Americans for Charlie Hickman.

31st Cleveland signs pitcher Bill Bernhard, who was granted free agency in early April. Bernhard won 17 for the A’s last season. Like Lajoie, Bernhard was prohibited from playing in Philadelphia after jumping from the Phillies to the A’s.