1910 May

2nd  Aided by a 13-game winning streak (plus a tie), the Athletics take first place in the AL. New York will wrest it from them for a brief spell in June; otherwise, the A’s will hold the top spot all season.

In Pittsburgh, baseball fan President William Howard Taft watches the Pirates top Chicago, 5–2.

At Boston, the Phillies shrug off a 2nd-inning grand slam by Bill Collins, off Lew Moren, and beat the Doves, 9-8. For the rookie Collins, it is his first ML homer.

At Washington Park, Christy Mathewson pitches a beautiful one-hitter to beat Brooklyn, 6–0. Only an error by Merkle on a Zack Wheat grounder in the 7th and a disputed hit in the 8th mar Matty’s performance. In the 8th inning, Pryor McElveen hits a grounder to short, but 3B Art Devlin cuts in front and his throw is low to 1B. It is ruled a hit even though the New York Times called it an error: its headline tomorrow proclaims “Brooklyn Gets No-hit By Mathewson.”

4th  President Taft takes in two games starting with the Reds and the Cardinals at Robison Field in St. Louis. The Cards score 5 in the 1st as Reds pitchers Fred Beebe, Walt Slagle (in his only ML appearance) and Harry Coveleski will eventually walk a record 16 in the 12–3 loss. The Cards walk 7 to total a record 23. Taft doesn’t stick around. He leaves for Sportsman’s Park in hopes of seeing some good baseball and is rewarded by a 3–3, 14-inning battle between the Browns’ Joe Lake and the Naps’ Cy Young that ends in darkness. There will be a record 19 ties in the AL this year.

The first-place Tigers defeat the White Sox, 4–0, behind Pat Mullin. Mullin gets help in the form a triple play on Bill Purtell’s line drive to 1B Hack Simmons who throws to SS Donie Bush.

5th  P Cy Morgan and 2B Eddie Collins of the Athletics and P Dixie Walker and C Gabby Street of the Senators handle all the assists in the 10–1 Philadelphia victory.

6th The Giants use their only 4 hits to score 3 runs in the 6th off Bill Foxen to beat the Phils, 3–2. Mathewson is the winner, allowing 9 hits, as the Giants move into second place.

The Yankees down the Red Sox, 11-0, behind rookie John Frill commanding 2-hitter, his lone career shutout. Hal Chase helps with a 3-run homer in the 6th.

8th  The New York Times reports on a foul ball hit into the stands during yesterday’s 7-2 Giants win over the Phils: “The topic which is now to be discussed is slightly removed from the silver thread of romance which runs carelessly through this new item, but nevertheless it ought to be stated that the Pinkertons at the Polo Grounds have started some classy detective work to redeem the numerous new white baseballs which drip into the stands during a game. One foul yesterday shot into the lower rows of the stand back of third base. Old gum-shoes, who was on duty there, kept his eye peeled and saw it drop into the crowd. He went after it. Five hundred voices yipped” ‘He’s got it,’ and 500 fingers pointed at 500 different people. Why, Bryan had a better chance of being President than that Pink had of finding the ball. Just by way of diversion the crowd took the Pink’s hat and untied his necktie by way of showing that there are still a few fresh ones left on earth who can be playful with the law. The only thing the detective found was his way out of the crowd.”

10th  The Cubs’ Heinie Zimmerman makes 4 errors and 4 hits in a 9–5 win over the Giants. Red Ames, in relief of Mathewson, is hammered for the loss.

The Phils pull off a triple steal in the first inning against the Reds as Grant, Magee and Bransfield do the swiping. A short time later Magee is tossed by umpire Brennan for protesting a call. Despite the thefts the Phillies lose, 8–6.

The White Sox tally 7 runs in 5 innings against Walter Johnson to coast to a 10–3 win. Johnson’s record is now 2–5, and the Washington Post suggests that the Nats “trade this phenom for a couple of good fielders.”

12th  The Athletics Chief Bender pitches a 4–0 no-hitter against the Naps, missing a perfect game with one walk. Terry Turner walks in the 4th off the Chief and then is caught stealing. Bender will be 23–5, one of only two 20-game-win seasons the future Hall of Famer will have in 15 years.

13th The Cubs trade OF Doc Miller to Boston (NL) for righty Lew Richie.

14th Cleveland edges Washington, 1–0, beating Walter Johnson. Nap Lajoie is 2-for-4 with a double for the winners. Johnson will win his next 4 outings against Cleveland.

17th Chief Bender follows up his no-hitter with a shutout, allowing 4 hits in beating the White Sox, 3–0. The A’s have now won 12 straight, along with a tie.

At Boston, the Tigers take a 5-0 lead on Donie Bush’s 2nd inning grand slam, but Boston comes back to win, 8-6.

18th The Reds collects 11 hits off Christy Mathewson, but the Giants outslug Cincy to win, 10–6. It is Matty’s 13th win in a row over the Reds. The Giants score four runs in the 4th, four more in the 7th and two in the 8th to pin the loss on George Suggs, now 5–1.

19th  The Boston Doves snap their losing streak by beating the Pirates, 6–3, for the first time in 26 tries.

At Philadelphia, the Tigers jump on Krausse en route to amassing 19 hits and beating the A’s, 14–2. The loss stops the A’s winning streak at 13 game plus a tie.

The Yankees overcome losing a base runner in the 10th inning to a hidden ball trick and beat Cleveland, 4–3. Hal Chase is the victim when first baseman George Stovall nabs him.

22nd  He can run but he can’t hide. Bob Ewing, now pitching for the Phillies, loses his 10th straight to the Cubs as Chicago beats the visitors, 7-3. The other 9 losses came with the Reds.

23rd  The Reds Dode Paskert steals 2B, 3B, and home in the first inning against the Boston Doves (Braves). Dode’s score is the difference as the Reds win, 6–5.

26th  The Pirates’ Honus Wagner and John Miller narrowly escape death when their car crashes into the safety gates of a railroad crossing in Carnegie, PA.

27th New York’s Bugs Raymond strikes out 8 and stops Brooklyn, 8–2.

28th Mathewson scatters 10 hits and edges the Phils, 3–2 at Baker Bowl. Fred Snodgrass doubles off Jim Moroney for 2 runs in the 5th inning to give the Giants the edge.

29th The Cardinals tip the Reds, 7-6, in the first of a scheduled two games. Game 2 ends in a 5-5 tie after 9 innings. Eddie Grant and Mike Mitchell each have 6 hits for the Reds in the doubleheader

30th In an a.m.–p.m. doubleheader with the St. Louis Cardinals at the West Side Grounds, Chicago takes the morning contest, 6–1, behind Mordecai Brown. Its Chicago’s 11th straight win, but St. Louis stops them in the afternoon, 3–1.

31st The Yankees sell Slow Joe Doyle to Reds. Doyle set a ML record by winning his first 2 decisions in 1906 by shutouts.