1882 November

18th  The case of the Allegheny Club versus Charles Bennett is won by Bennett. Prior to the 1882 season Allegheny signed Bennett to a $100 agreement which stated that he would sign an 1883 contract with Allegheny after the season. Instead, Bennett re-signed with Detroit. This case will later have bearing on the fight over the reserve rule during the Players’ League War of 1889-90.

22ndNew York owner John Day proposes a resolution to prohibit a team from signing a player who has broken the reserve clause of his contract. This resolution, eventually adopted by both the AA and NL, effectively changes the reserve clause from a device to protect owners from their own greediness to a weapon to be used against uncooperative players.

24thThe AA agrees to expand to 12 teams by admitting Brooklyn, Washington, Indianapolis, and Toledo.