1884 November

4th  Tony Mullane violates an oral agreement to sign with St. Louis (AA) by signing a Cincinnati (AA) contract for $5,000. The AA suspends Mullane for the 1885 season and fines him $1,000, but allows him to remain with Cincinnati. Over the next 8 years Mullane will win 163 games with the Reds on his way to a career total of 285 victories.

19th  NL president Abraham G. Mills resigns and is replaced by former league secretary Nick Young.

20th  The NL agrees to allow overhand pitching, but rules that pitchers must keep both feet on the ground throughout their pitching motion in order to reduce the velocity of their pitches. They still must throw the ball at the height requested by the batter. In addition, teams are now required to supply a separate bench for each club at their park to limit inter-team fraternization.