1888 November

4th  Al Spalding’s Australia-bound baseball tour stages its first tour game in California, the All-Americans beating the Chicagos 14–4 before a crowd of 10,500 in San Francisco.

10th  Detroit organizes a club to compete in the International Association next season to take the place of the disbanded Wolverines, 5th place finishers this past season. The Wolverines sell off their stars, with Big Sam Thompson going to the Phillies, and Dan Brouthers to Boston.

15th The All-Americans beat Chicago, 7–4, in Los Angeles in the final game on the tour. On the 18th, Spalding’s group sets sail for Australia.

20th  The Joint Rules Committee reduces the number of balls for a walk from 5 to 4, establishing the 4 balls/ 3 strikes count that remains in effect a century later. It also eliminates an out on a foul tip if the catcher catches it within 10 feet of home plate.

21st  Cleveland is formally admitted to the NL to replace Detroit, creating a vacancy in the AA.

22nd  The NL adopts a salary classification plan that puts all players into 5 categories with a standard salary for each ranging from $1,500 to $2,500. The scheme is vehemently opposed by the players’ Brotherhood.

23rd  New York announces the sale of John Montgomery Ward to Washington for a record price of $12,000. But Ward, who is on tour, will eventually cancel the deal by refusing to play for the Senators.