1891 November

3rd Giants stalwarts Roger Connor and Danny Richardson jump to the Athletics.

4th  Charlie Comiskey, having had enough of Browns owner Chris Von der Ahe, signs to manage and captain the NL Cincinnati Reds.

11th  The NL meets and dismisses the charges of collusion and game throwing against the eastern clubs brought by Chicago, thereby formally giving Boston the pennant. The league also plans its strategy for conquering the association by consolidating the 4 strongest AA clubs into a 12-team league for next year.

16th  The Louisville Colonels club is sold at auction to satisfy a $6,359.40 mortgage. The new ownership is headed by Dr. T. Hunt Stuckey.

26th  A series for the championship of the Pacific Coast begins between the champions of the California League (San Jose) and the Pacific Northwest League pennant winners (Portland). San Jose wins the opener, 8–6. The series will last until January 10 with San Jose winning 10 games to 9. All the games are in played in San Jose.

28th  AA president Zach Phelps announces that the rumored 12-club consolidation is impossible. He does not realize that the NL has already begun to win over individual AA owners to the plan.