1895 November

5th  Cap Anson makes his stage debut in A Runaway Colt. Aside from forgetting a few lines Anson does quite well.

18th  Boston sells veteran outfielder Tommy McCarthy, a Boston native, to Brooklyn for $6000. The future Hall of Famer, just 30, but aging, will play one season in Brooklyn. When his wife dies in February 1897, McCarthy will turn down a contract offer from the Bridegrooms and return to Boston to raise his three young daughters.

21st In the first major trade in their history, the Reds trade Arlie Latham, Tom Parrott, C Morgan Murphy and minor leaguer Ed McFarland to the St. Louis Browns. The Cardinals send C Heinie Peitz and P Red Ehret to Cincinnati. Ehret, 6–19 in ‘95, will bounce back with one good season before fading. Heinie will play 9 seasons in Cincy. The veteran Latham will play just 8 games for the Browns, but manage them for 3 games (0-3). The Browns will use 5 managers in 1896, up from 4 in 1985.

29th Former minor leaguer Pacer Smith is hanged in Illinois for the murder two months ago of his daughter and ex-sister-in-law. Smith played for a number of teams including Baltimore, Decatur and Nashville. A former Monmouth teammate Frank Harris, scheduled to be executed today for another murder, is pardoned by Illinois governor John Algeld.